Review: One of the Guys
ONE OF THE GUYS - Delaney Diamond
Garden Avenue Press

May 2016
REVIEWER:  Janet Caldwell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: Delaney Diamond delivers a poignant message to not judge a book by its cover in the fifth novel in her Love Unexpected series.  Fans of the series will not be disappointed as Diamond remains true to the series’ theme of finding love when least expected and with someone unexpected.

Our leading characters, Veronica “Ronnie” Taylor and Diego Molina own neighboring businesses in Atlanta.  Ronnie owns an automobile repair shop and Diego owns a towing company.  Although they sometimes do business for each other, they aren’t cordial neighbors. Diego is a messy tenant and Ronnie is constantly nagging him about his shortcomings. They have been bickering for a year with no resolution in sight. It doesn’t help when Ronnie’s complaints are countered by Diego’s offer of a little “horizontal salsa” that does all number of things to her libido.

Ronnie is viewed by most as one of the guys. Her friends are predominately male and her profession, short cropped hair, baggy attire and athletic skills raise questions about her sexual preference to most, but not Diego.  He senses an insecure woman hiding behind the bravado and is determined to neutralize her resistance. Once his sexy Cuban swagger is unleashed, Ronnie has no choice but to liberate the woman within.

This addition,
ONE OF THE GUYS, is a perfect complement to the series that focuses on a loose-knit group of Atlanta friends. Readers get a glimpse of the current situation of characters from previous novels. In addition to these characters, Ronnie’s father, deceased mother and cousin Anika are prominent in the story.  Additional characters include Diego’s deceased daughter, deceased parents and ex-fiancé.

Be forewarned that the heat between Ronnie and Diego register more scoville heat units than a habanero pepper.  I will never view my auto mechanic’s garage the same! Diamond masterfully crafts a sensitive romance with all the elements necessary to engage the reader.  Ronnie and Diego are two complex people who possess more than their share of baggage and who realize they are exactly what the other needs. I enjoyed their journey to this realization and I am confident you will too.

11th September 2016 |