Review: One More Night With You
Harlequin Kimani Romance
March 2016
REVIEWER:  Beverly Jackson | RATING:  B
REVIEW: Feisty Josephine (Joey) de la Pena’s snarky attitude did not work on dissuading her best friend from strong arming Joey into being her Maid-of-Honor. In need of date for the wedding, Joey works with an elite dating service but on her first attempt at meeting up with a potential date, she is thrown for a loop. It has been five years since Joey, a former DEA agent and Zaf Ahmadi, ex-hacker and sharp shooter have laid eyes on each other after a botched undercover operation. Joey was left with a permanent limp and a broken heart as Zaf, one of whose exceptional talents is to “vanish like vapor when he doesn’t want to be found”, just left. Now, Zaf claims he is back because her life is in danger and he wants to protect her. Joey does sense someone is out to harm her. While there is no denying the sexual attraction between them is as strong as ever, can Joey trust again the man who shot her? Will Zaf forgive himself for shooting Joey?  Does this couple have a chance at their HEA or are there too many obstacles to overcome?

This is a second-chance edgy romance heavy on mystery, danger, and suspense. Joey and Zaf are both flawed characters whose pasts and loyalties often conflict with what their hearts want. When Zaf comes back into Joey’s life, she is reminded how good their past relationship was but is scared about giving her heart to him again. And Zaf doesn’t make it easy as he constantly tells her he does not love her and never did. I found Zaf to be unlikeable and a bit of jerk when he was so insensitive. The reader does know that Zaf loves Joey but his obsession over past actions took too long to resolve. As expected, the author knows how to bring the sexual heat, and the couple has several steamy adventuresome moments. But at times I just did not feel an intense attraction between them as I had with previous couples in the series. And by the end, the couple had their happily-ever-now but I wondered if it would turn into HEA.

ONE MORE NIGHT WITH YOU is the final book in The Blue Dynasty Series. As in the other series books, the main location is Las Vegas, though this book also takes us to Texas to meet Joey’s family and their surprising family business. I really liked this twist but did wonder why the introduction to this intriguing family in the last book. I am hoping I will see them in a series of their own.

Overall, I recommend this book to fans of Lisa Marie Perry and
The Blue Dynasty Series. It was an enjoyable read but not as compelling as the other books in the series.

1st January 2017 |