Review: One Mistletoe Wish
Harlequin Kimani Romance
December 2016
REVIEWER:  Janet Caldwell | RATING:  A
REVIEW:  The holiday season is the perfect setting for a love story and A.C. Arthur takes full advantage of this in the first entry of her new series, The Taylors of Temptation.  In ONE MISTLETOE WISH, she pairs the ultra-fine, wealthy and stubborn Grayson (Gray) Taylor with the equally stubborn, feisty and widowed, Morgan Hill.  This novel examines finding true love and coping with the past.

Grayson, owner of Gray Technologies, returns to Temptation, Virginia to settle his father’s estate, which includes liquidating some properties of sentimental value to the townspeople. Oh, and I should mention, Gray is the oldest of sextuplets whose birth skyrocketed this small town to fame and yielded a TV reality show featuring them.

Morgan Hill is a first-grade teacher and the widowed mother of five-year-old twins. She is staunchly independent and busies herself with the children and community activities to stay ahead of the grief that is a constant reminder of her past.

Gray arrives in Temptation full of nostalgia and bitterness for what was. His only concern is liquidating his father’s properties as quickly as possible to return to his glitzy Miami lifestyle.  Morgan is comfortable with her life as a school teacher devoted to raising her children who embody the memory of her deceased husband. Both are content with the predictability of their lives. Why let the unpredictability of love interfere? However, Christmas is the season of hope, renewal and a special magic that Gray and Morgan can’t escape.

ONE MISTLETOE WISH is set in the fictional town of Temptation, Virginia.  Arthur’s Temptation is a quaint small town full of humorous gossipers and busy-bodies. They are passionate about their hometown and leery of the mysterious stranger who arrives to potentially change their lives. A diabolical subplot meant to disrupt is woven in and only serves to strengthen the bond between our leading characters. Supporting characters include Morgan’s grandmother, sister and her enduring twins who stole my heart.

This unique storyline about sextuplets could only be executed by Arthur.  I was skeptical at first, but the storyline is a finely crafted romance tale with a hint of mystery and lots of passion that unites total opposites who eventually realize they are exactly what each other needs.

ONE MISTLETOE WISH is the story of the oldest sextuplet so that means more stories are coming, as well as, more of the backstory that will hopefully clarify the family’s dark past. I thoroughly enjoyed accompanying Gray and Morgan on their journey to realization.  This is a sweet story perfect to snuggle up with on a cold winter day. It’s guaranteed to warm the “cockles of your heart”.

20th December 2016 |