Review:  Obey
OBEY - Angie Daniles
Carmel Kisses Ink
MAY 2016
Janet Caldwell |  Rating: A
REVIEW: Messy, messy, messy! Peyton Powell gets careless and her situation quickly turns chaotic in OBEY, Book Three of Angie Daniel’s Seduced Into Submission Series. This series chronicles the erotic adventure of a former stay at home mom who now works as a magazine columnist writing about things that spur a woman’s curiosity.

OBEY begins where SERVE ends … with a surprised Peyton staring into the face of her husband as she exits the elevator of a luxurious hotel where she is enjoying a scandalous rendezvous with her multi-millionaire employer, Creed Kirkland.

Peyton continues to grapple with the complexities of a submissive relationship and the moral consequences of infidelity. As Peyton becomes bolder in her exploits, her husband’s extramarital escapades are more evident further fueling her defiance. Creed urges Peyton to recognize her dysfunctional marriage by stating she deserves better while covertly arranging situations where she can witness her husband’s stupidity. When it finally kicks in, she realizes many aspects of her controlling submissive relationship with Creed mirror that of her relationship with her husband. Creed summons Peyton at his whim and ignores her for days at a time. Her husband is oblivious to her blossoming independence and visual transformation, but continues to dictate her existence. He is focused on his business and his extramarital exploits and has emotionally checked out of the marriage. To complicate matters further, Creed is dangling a lucrative business deal in front of her husband and delegates the decision of whether or not to seal the deal to Peyton.

In addition to Peyton and Creed, other character’s impacting this story include Peyton’s philandering husband, Ray and Haley his sales manager/jump-off. Their twin daughters are conveniently away on vacation with their perpetual babysitter, Ray’s Aunt Ruth. A confession by Peyton’s mother opens her eyes to how much they have allowed men to control their lives. This adds another layer of angst to her already tortured soul.

Angie Daniels masterfully weaves several captivating storylines together to create this complicated, but alluring tale. Again, she takes the reader on an erotic literary adventure that only she can expertly finesse.
OBEY is not for the faint at heart. It is an erotic novella that delivers explicit encounters between Peyton and Creed, as well as graphic language. The abrupt cliffhanger ending left me speechless. If you wish to experience erotic genre at its best, OBEY will not disappoint.

16th June 2016 |