Review:  Model Attraction
Harlequin Kimani Romance
April 2016
REVIEWER:  Shirley Fleming  |  RATING:  A
REVIEW: Janna Morgan is a supermodel.  The last nine years brought her lots of fame and fortune.  Her professional life is successful and her face is known all over the world.  Her success is marred by one personal regret; leaving her high school sweetheart behind to pursue that success.  Austin Reynolds has spent nearly a decade wondering why a girl he loved with all his heart would up and leave him without any explanation or a goodbye.  Years later a chance meeting has him relieving all the pain and disillusionment he felt when Janna left.  Austin couldn’t believe he was staring into the face of the woman who took his love and threw it back in his face and ran off to Milan.  Angrier than he had been in a long time, Austin turns and walks away.  When they run into each other for a third time, Janna declared it to be fate.  After hours of conversation and apologies on both sides, they decide to leave the past behind and get to know each other all over again as adults.  It’s very apparent that the two of them still have feelings for each but will they trust each other enough to grab a second chance at happiness?

Janna Morgan has spent the last ten years climbing the ladder of success as an international model.  She has the kind of life most women dream about.  Janna is proud of the level of success she has achieved.  She is enjoying her life but there is a sadness inside her.  She has one more thing to accomplish, and that is to reclaim Austin Reynolds, the man she has loved since she was sixteen years old.

Austin Reynolds is a handsome real estate mogul.  He is on top of the world financially.  His family owns one of the largest real estate development companies in the country.  Over the years he has become a workaholic.  His personal relationships suffer because he can’t forget the one woman who still holds his heart.  He still loves Janna, even though it nearly broke him when she left him to follow her dream of becoming a model.  His life won’t be complete until he has her back in his life for good.

I’ve been waiting to read Janna’s story and
Ms. Cooper did not disappoint me.  Despite misunderstandings and interference from others, Janna and Austin’s love stood the test of time.  When you love someone that long without any communication it is meant to be.  Even though Janna and Austin had other relationships in the intervening years, their heart was never in it.  It always came back to the fact that they needed each other to truly be happy.  The author did a great job with this storyline and the characters.  Good read.  Check out Iris and Macy’s story in previous booksI’m sure you’ll that MODEL ATTRACTION is a good ending for the three girls who bonded in foster care and became sisters.

15th May 2016 |