Review: Love At Last
LOVE AT LAST - Sharon C. Cooper
Amaris Publishing
December 2016
REVIEWER: Alicia Aaron| RATING:  B
REVIEW: LOVE AT LAST is the latest book in Sharon Cooper’s Jenkins Family series. If you have not read the others, you will not be lost in the story; however, I would recommend that you read the others first so that you can have background information on the characters in the book.

This is a romance novel in which the hero and heroine are both older with grown children. Carolyn Jenkins and Lincoln Richwood meet through the matchmaking efforts of Carolyn’s son in law, Paul. Lincoln is a widower and Carolyn is a divorcee twice over. Carolyn is a bartender in her son in law’s bar. Carolyn, a bartender in Paul’s bar, knows who she is and is comfortable with it. She’s come to terms with her past and is proud of the progress she has made in rebuilding her relationship with her daughter.

Lincoln is a financial planner who was a faithful and committed husband to his wife up until the day that she died. So faithful that two years after her death, he’s still sporting his wedding ring. Upon meeting Carolyn, he makes the decision to get back into the dating world, specifically with Carolyn.

This is a sweet romance between two people who meet later in life. Cooper does a good job in telling their story and keeping the sensual scenes romantic and steamy. Carolyn is a likeable character whose most endearing trait is how she is learning to be comfortable in her own skin. She owns her past mistakes and holds her head high despite her past. Lincoln is great except for one major flaw…he’s a bit of an education snob. He’s one of those people who unconsciously looks down his nose on people who don’t have a degree. That flaw is the conflict in his relationship with Carolyn. Carolyn is bright, but she has no degree despite being talented in multiple fields. Lincoln’s attitude towards her lack of education manifests itself whenever Carolyn talks about her job to other people. He eventually gets his act together, but until he does, expect to side eye him whenever the subject of Carolyn’s job comes up.

My only other hang up was a personal one, I’m not big on romances between older people; however, Sharon Cooper told the story in such a way that the age of the characters wasn’t a distraction or even a major plot line.

If you’re looking for a solid romance novel to curl up with, then you won’t be disappointed with
LOVE AT LAST; it has all of the key elements that make up a good romance: a good plot, strong characters, romance, and a well told story.

20th December 2016 |