Review:  Hotline Fling
HOTLINE FLING - Keith Thomas Walker
Romance Management Inc.
JULY 2016
Brenda Larnell |  Rating: A
REVIEW: Sonya Skiles, the heroine of HOTLINE FLING, is a call center operator who works for a company that solicits donations for the Disabled Veterans’ Foundation. It’s not a glamorous job by any means, but Sonya needs the job in order to continue her college education. However, as the story opens, the Disabled Veterans’ Foundation is in trouble. Two of the managers are under investigation for stealing money from the foundation, and Sonya finds herself, along with her fellow office workers, temporarily out of a job. One particular co-worker, Reginald Dukes, who has been carrying an office crush for Sonya, seizes the moment to be there for Sonya and to finally get with her.

Ever since a past drama-filled work relationship that caused Sonya to be fired, she has maintained ‘a no dating co-workers’ policy. However, her present jobless status has caused her to revisit that policy because of the charming and handsome Reggie Dukes. The chapter titled “Netflix & Chill” certifies that Sonya decides to file her “no dating men at work” policy away for an evening of steamy, hot, sexy lovemaking with Reggie. The next chapter is titled “The Morning After”, and I’ll just leave that right there. Eventually, Sonya and Reggie are both rehired, so they find themselves right back where they started. Although this time the office politics has a different look. No spoilers!

I like the contemporary storyline of this novella that author,
Keith Thomas Walker, presents to line up with the theme of the series, Hot Undercover Bosses.  Neither the heroine nor the hero are employed in high powered jobs, but they are employed in positions which reflect upward mobility, as a direct result of pursuing a college education. It’s a very believable scenario.

The story is set in the Dallas/Overbrook Meadows area of Texas. If you are familiar with previous works of the author, you know he uses this setting for his stories quite often.
HOTLINE FLING is another entertaining story in this series. Keith Thomas Walker delivers an engaging story that I highly recommend.

3rd July 2016 |