Review: His Southern Sweetheart
Harlequin Kimani/Romance
October 2016
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: We are back in Southwood, Georgia with the Reyes brothers. Stephen and Nate, along with their nieces, Kimber and Philly, and Stephens fiancé, Lexi. We met them in the first novel of the series, THE BACHELOR AND THE BEAUTY QUEEN that entertained us with Stephen and Lexi’s story. Now, author Carolyn Hector delights us with Nate and Amelia’s story. The background for this story is launched from the television reality show genre that is so popular today.

When the story opens Nate Reyes, the hero, and Amelia Morrow, the heroine, have already engaged in a romantic encounter only after meeting two hours previously. So, it’s fair to say that there is an immediate flirtatious attraction that mushrooms into a hot and steamy sexual connection. Nate wants more, but Amelia wants less, especially when she finds that the whole thing was a set up.  As fate would have it, they meet again in Southwood where Nate resides, and Amelia is summoned to take care of her feisty grandmother who breaks her leg in an unfortunate accident in her home. Amelia is “advised” by the TV executives to take some time off to care for her grandmother when the reality star, Natalia of Amelia’s highly-rated TV show, disappears for a short time. It happens that Natalia’s disappearance is connected to Amelia’s set up with Nate that also involves Stephen, Nate’s brother. It may sound complicated, but you’ll get it when you read the story. To add to this, Amelia is not exactly welcomed with open arms by some of the citizens of Southwood as the hometown girl who made good. This is an internal conflict that the author effectively weaves into the story.

As mentioned earlier, some of the minor characters, Stephen, Lexi, Philly and Kimber are holdovers from the first novel of the series. They are Nate’s family and they lend support and advice. Amelia’s grandmother is endearing and eccentric, and adds a bit of comic relief. Another character who stands out is Brittany Foley, Amelia’s nemesis. All of them serve as effective minor characters who help advance the story.

I enjoyed
HIS SOUTHERN SWEETHEART, and I believe you will enjoy it, too. Although it can be read as a stand alone, I suggest that you read the first book, THE BACHELOR AND THE BEAUTY QUEEN, so that the continuity of characters and backstories is sustained. If you are looking for a sweet contemporary romance, HIS SOUTHERN SWEETHEART is for you. I recommend it.

12th December 2016 |