Review:  HIs Love Lesson
Harlequin Kimani Romance
May 2016
REVIEWER:  Janet Caldwell | RATING:  A
REVIEW:  Nicki Night’s second entry in her Barrington Brothers series unites adventurous Chey Rodgers and Hunter, the oldest of the triple threat Barringtons, by “happenstance”. Like her debut novel, HER CHANCE AT LOVE, this offering focuses on the sexy Barringtons - three successful men who all possess qualities irresistible to women.

In a daring move, Chey moves from Virginia to New York City to complete her degree in chemistry and escape a controlling ex-fiancé.  She put her education on hold to help save the family business.  With the business on sa table footing and her education fund replenished, her dream to become a perfumer is back on track. To splurge before classes begin, Chey decides to take a solo vacation in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Hunter Barrington’s extreme winter sports vacation in Salt Lake City with his frat brothers ends as severe weather approaches. Everyone, except Hunter, is able to fly out as scheduled.  With no flight and no vacancies at the resort, Hunter is stranded in Salt Lake City and at the mercy of the beautiful stranger who takes pity on his awkward situation and offers him the extra bedroom in her villa.  The snowstorm hits, the resort loses power and Hunter and the beautiful stranger, named Chey, snuggle to get warm and eventually generate their own heat. The snowstorm passes and Hunter is able to secure travel arrangements back to New York.  He bids his roommate adieu with some trepidation and heads back to his law practice and to his much anticipated new part-time gig as a college professor. 

Chey returns to New York after her unforgettable vacation.  She decides to put her controlling ex and her Salt Lake City adventure behind her to start a fresh new life. All hopes of moving forward are dashed when her new professor walks in the classroom and he is none other than her Salt Lake City snuggle buddy.

Nicki Night’s second romance novel is a hit.  It is funny and warm and held my interest from beginning to end.  I liked Chey and Hunter as a couple. Neither was what the other wanted in a mate, but as it turned out they were what each needed. Other notable characters include Chey’s sister and parents, Hunter’s brothers and parents and Chey’s ex-fiancé. This story was primarily set in New York and includes a steamy vacation in Salt Lake City.

I highly recommend
HIS LOVE LESSON.  Night may be new on the romance scene, but her scorching hot pages rival that of her seasoned counterparts!

6th June 2016 |