Review: Hard To Handle
HARD TO HANDLE - Raven Scott
Kensington Dafina/Romance
September 2016
REVIEWER:  Janet Caldwell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: Raven Scott’s third novel in her Fortis Series of romantic suspense stories takes the team to New York where they are enlisted to protect real estate developer, Terry Antonoli.  This mission will take Superman Samuel “Sam” Mackenzie on the ride of his life when he is reunited with his Kryptonite, Mikayla Stone-Clement (alias Kaylee Stone).

Fortis is a team of highly trained protection and asset recovery specialists hired to deliver elite services to high-end clients.  Owners, covert operations specialist, Evan “Ice” DaCosta; former British MI5 agent, Sam Mackenzie and Lucas Johnson; command a team of specialized field agents, technicians and operations analysts formerly from all branches of elite government service.

The gruff Scot, Sam Mackenzie, has history with Mikayla who briefly appeared in
HARD AS ICE, the first installment. They met four years ago when he discovered her injured near a client’s office. He offered her medical attention, took her home and they spent the next few days “getting to know each other better”. Before he realized it, he had breached the “bro code” and violated professional-client relationship boundaries as Mikayla was the fiancé of his Fortis partner and friend Evan DaCosta and his client’s daughter. Sam immediately ended contact with her and distanced himself from what he felt was the most despicable woman alive.

HARD TO HANDLE, Raven Scott combines an intriguing adventure of murder, extortion and suspense with a touching, but complicated and steamy love story. Without revealing any spoilers, Mikayla’s request for protection for her boss, Terry Antonoli, is the first layer is a very intricate plan. This plan initially involves only our main characters, but as it escalates Fortis expertise is required and the Team takes charge.  In addition to the main characters, a large cast of supporting characters - the Fortis team; Mikayla’s parents; her brother; her “boss” Terry Antonoli and several former coworkers and associates, impacts this story.

Sam and Mikayla are strong, multi-dimensional and independent characters who share a bond that is simultaneously endearing and infuriating. Scott skillfully delivers their backstory which is critical to understanding and unraveling this mystery. Be prepared for a roller coaster ride of emotions thanks to Scott’s captivating writing style. This series made me a romantic thriller fan and I am confident if you aren’t already a fan of this genre, after reading this series you’ll be hooked too!

1st November 2016 |