Review: Guilty Pleasures
GUILTY PLEASURES - Deborah Fletcher Mello
Kensington Dafina/Romance
April  2016
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  B+
REVIEW: GUILTY PLEASURES, the first book in The Bad Boys of Boulder series, is a story about fraternal twins, Alexander Barrett and Zachary Bennett, who give sibling rivalry a whole new meaning. The rivalry between them goes back to their youth when it was innocently encouraged by their father. The story begins in Boulder, Colorado, but ends in Thailand, the heroine’s homeland.

As the story opens in Boulder, Alexander, a former pro basketball phenom is celebrating the grand opening of his new sports and athletics center, Champs. It’s state of the art, and Alexander is fulfilling a life’s dream of sharing his knowledge of sports science combined with sports physiology with the world. It’s a perfect day until he hears that his estranged twin, Zachary is planning to leave Thailand where he’s been living and training, and utilize Champs to train for his next match. Zachary, a well-known athlete in his own right is the three-time world title mixed martial arts heavyweight champion. The news of Zachary’s return does not sit well with his twin because of Zachary’s betrayal; he married the woman Alexander had planned to spend his life with. When Zachary returns, he is accompanied by a woman, the heroine Dr. Sarai Montri, an exercise physiologist. At their first meeting, Sarai and Alexander are attracted to each other; that attraction turns into a serious sizzling romance. Inevitably, Alexander and Zachary resolve their differences, but there is still the question of them keeping their renewed relationship with Sarai in the middle. The storyline embodies twists and turns and moments of tension.

The author, Deborah Fletcher Mello, does a more than adequate job of depicting the Thai culture. It was one of the highlights of the book. I enjoyed
GUILTY PLEASURES, and it appears that we can look forward to Zachary’s story in the next book. Stay tuned.

4th April 2016 |