Review: Good Behavior
GOOD BEHAVIOR - Delaney Diamond
Garden Avenue Press
December 2016
REVIEWER: Susan Plummer| RATING:  A
REVIEW:  Sometimes unconventional beginnings can lead to beautiful endings as portrayed in GOOD BEHAVIOR by Delaney Diamond.

Xavier Johnson has spent years abroad involved in humanitarian pursuits.  He is uncomfortable with the trappings of wealth but realizes it affords him the means to help others. Now Xavier is finally ready to give back to his family by joining the family business. While he fits seamlessly into his new role and life is good, there is room for more. Divorcee Diana Cambridge finally has some financial freedom from her controlling ex with her new job at Johnson Enterprises.  After years in a cold marriage, Diana also hopes to meet someone to put some fire back into her life. A late-night dinner between Xavier and Diana opens the door to the possibility more existing between them.  However, a relationship between an executive officer and an employee of the firm could be problematic. Xavier’s brothers immediately express their displeasure.

Further compounding their relationship hurdles, Diana’s ex is attempting the unthinkable to destroy their fragile bond. While Xavier and Diana have found something special; the criticism and threats may prove to be too much.  Xavier may be the “good son” but he will relinquish the title to fight for what he wants.

As the final story, there is an anticipation to discover how the Johnson series ends and
Good Behavior opens on an exciting note that carries throughout the novel. Xavier appears to be the most sensitive but he also possesses the Johnson edginess.  Diana maybe a divorced, single mother but she is exactly the kind of woman Xavier wants. Her nurturing spirit is evident in how she cares for her son and her willingness to try again proves she is not jaded by a failed marriage.

While Xavier is from money, there is humbleness always present in their verbal and nonverbal communication. Xavier and Diana are comfortable in each other’s world because neither is pretentious. Xavier recognizes the good woman waiting for the right man to appreciate her and Diana recognizes the good heart beneath his gorgeous body.

Good Behavior is a great experience and certainly memorable is when Xavier opens up to his mother about his father’s passing and he was not the only one teary-eyed. There is also a bonus content revealing the sweet conclusion to Ivy Johnson’s love story UNFORGETTABLE.  Now that the entire series is available, this is a literary collection to revisit.  I am just not ready to say goodbye to the Johnsons.

3rd January 2017 |