Review:  Falling For Autumn
FALLING OR AUTUMN - Sherelle Green
Harlequin Kimani Romance
April 2016
REVIEWER:  Beverly Jackson | RATING:  A
REVIEW: Laid-back entrepreneurial nightclub owner, Ajay Reed, and self-proclaimed nerdy lingerie boutique co-owner, Autumn Dupree, have been at odds with each other since their first meeting. Ajay likes his life uncomplicated and the opinionated Autumn just does not fit that schema. Autumn’s experience has proven that men really want to get to know or understand her true self. A little disconcerting to both is the unacknowledged attraction they feel and detect in the other and each have made a silent vow not to act on this attraction. But now that Ajay’s brother is marrying Autumn’s sister, and they have asked them to be Best Man and Maid of Honor and participate in the planning of the festivities, Ajay and Autumn will be challenged on not only their attraction for each other but by their initial perceptions of each other. As Ajay and Autumn learn that love is unpredictable and who you fall in love with is just as unpredictable will their painful pasts allow them to relish in their own definition of love?

Ms. Green’s latest is a toe-curling romance with intense emotions, tender passions, and sizzling sensuality that looks at the trust and communication side of relationships. I enjoyed how the author took her time developing believable characters as they forge a lasting relationship while working on their personal issues. Both Ajay and Autumn are haunted by their pasts that influence how they feel about themselves and relationships. I enjoyed how they were able to move past their first impressions of each other and became flirty with each other as their trust grew. Strong dialogue and sensitive listening allow the couple to begin sharing their past and be supportive of each other. The reflecting relatable real-life issues will resonate with many readers. The secondary characters, many who have been introduced to readers in prior books, provide the impetus and teasingly humorous moments to let both Ajay and Autumn know that even if they would not admit their attraction for each other their actions and body language say that they are.

This storyline is set in both Chicago and Bora-Bora and these locations were both used effectively in providing the blistering hot intimate scenes. One of the more memorable scenes in the book is the conversation and the inventive intimate scene in the dark alley outside Ajay’s club.

FALLING FOR AUTUMN is the second book in the Bare Sophistication series. While the storyline works as a stand-alone, I recommend reading the prior book in the series, ENTICING WINTER, to enhance your reading enjoyment for the endearing characters that appear in both books.

Overall, the crisp storytelling, engaging characters, and the emotional journey and the irresistible desire between the couple provide a sigh-worthy love story that is wholly natural and utterly transformative. I cannot wait to read the next book in this series.

1st June 2016 |