Review: A Stallion's Touch
Generations Quest Press
December 2016
REVIEWER:  Janet Caldwell | RATING:  B
REVIEW: Pat Simmons’ latest contemporary Christian romance novella, COUPLE BY CHRISTMAS, demonstrates marriages don’t have to fail if husbands and wives have God on their side.

Derek Washington and his ex-wife Robyn are a hot mess. Derek is a quality improvement manager for a Fortune 500 company in West St. Louis County, Missouri. Although Derek pays the mortgage and generous child support, his ex-wife Robyn is working two jobs while raising their precocious four-year-old son, Tyler. Derek and Robyn bitterly divorced two years ago after recognizing their animosity toward each other wasn’t productive nor in the best interest of their son. They are Christians that have allowed their focus to stray from God and to the stress of marriage, raising a child, and managing burgeoning finances. Derek’s penchant to control, likely influenced by his erratic father, and Robyn’s selfishness, fueled by being an only child, are primary factors in the unfriendly discourse that monopolizes their post-divorce exchanges.

Christmas is coming and despite the ugliness in their relationship, Derek is having second thoughts about the divorce and their living/custody arrangement.  He admits the failure of their marriage is as much his fault as it is Robyn’s. He can’t stand the thought of spending another holiday as an estranged couple. So, he puts a plan in place to make them a couple by Christmas.

I cheered for Derek’s effort to reunite his family and so did the in-laws.  The voice of reason in this novella are the mothers of our main characters who are good friends and masters at creating situations where the couple is forced to spend time together to mend their marriage. The mothers don’t believe Derek and Robyn gave their relationship a chance and threw the towel in at the first sign of trouble. Other characters impacting the story include Derek and Robyn’s son, Tyler; Robyn’s friend, Erica; Derek’s assistant, Jasmine and his flirtatious coworker, Craig.

Despite some editing oversight,
COUPLE BY CHRISTMAS is a warm and fuzzy story, ideal for the season of hope.  Every married couple can identify with Derek and Robyn.  Marriage is hard work, but Derek and Robyn learn that God can restore your marriage by restoring your heart mind and soul.

12th December 2016 |