Review:  Clean Up Love
CLEAN UP LOVE - Barbara Keaton
Romance Management Inc.
February 2017
Brenda Larnell |  Rating: A
REVIEW: There are two compelling plot elements that help to develop the storyline of CLEAN UP LOVE by Barbara Keaton. First, this story features bosses in an industry that is not usually written about in the romance genre. In this story set in the mile-high city of Denver, Colorado, the heroine, Lana Jean Joseph, and the hero, Kyle Davis, are both vying for ownership of BOP - Business of Professional - Cleaning Company. Lana, not only is an environmental lawyer, but she has also created low-residue chemicals. Kyle Davis owns a number of successful businesses in Denver, and he is looking to increase his business portfolio by adding the very profitable BOP.

When Lana and Kyle meet, neither are aware that they are being considered for ownership of the company. The present owner, Mr. Balthazar, has each one to sign a confidentiality agreement that prevents them from talking about the venture. There is an instant attraction between these two ambitious entrepreneurs. Their romance takes a very serious and speedy leap as they both admit they are looking for a relationship and not a hook-up. Lana and Kyle have a lot in common more than they realize.

While their business interests bring them together, they have something else in common. They both have ties to the LGBT community which is the second plot element of the storyline. Author Barbara Keaton makes a powerful statement about the treatment and presence of Gays in families and socially as friends. Two of the minor characters of
CLEAN UP LOVE are gay. Kyles’ Nana (Eliza Davis) is a lesbian, and she ‘came out’ late in life after she sold her multimillion dollar 250 acres dairy and livestock farm. A remarkable woman, indeed. She also happens to be a friend of Lana and her niece, Aurie, whom they met through Lana’s gay friend, Pepper.  Neither Kyle nor Lana are aware of this connection until their relationship progresses to the “it’s time to meet the family” stage. It is one of the high points of this story. Kudos to the author! I have to mention another minor character, Marty who works with Kyle. I’ll just say that his role takes a somewhat sinister turn.

Now, who gets awarded the ownership of BOP, Lana or Kyle?  No spoilers. I recommend that you get the
Hot Undercover Boss Series because CLEAN UP LOVE is one of the featured stories. Enjoy!

3rd July 2016 |