Review: Blossoms Of Love
Harlequin Kimani Romance
September 2016
REVIEWER:  Shirley Fleming| RATING:  A
REVIEW: Greer Courtland and Daniel Torres meet when he hires her family to design a winning float for the Pasadena Rose Parade, a time honored tradition that is enjoyed by many every year. Although they spend time together discussing his float, Daniel makes his intentions very clear. Not only does he plan to win the prize for the best float but he also plans to win Greer as well. Although Daniel is rich and famous, Greer is not impressed by his wealth or his fame. Being a former Rose Queen, Greer is very aware of what life can be like in the limelight and has no desire to be involved with someone who lives their daily life in the public. She is content with her life the way it is. Designing floats keeps her very busy and doesn’t leave much time for a social life. However, Daniel is very persistent in his pursuit. Despite her misgivings, Greer finds herself giving in to the undeniable attraction to the handsome talk show host.

Greer Courtland is a skilled float designer. Her talent for designing floats date back to her high school years. A degree in structural engineering has afforded her the training to refine her craft and she is very proud of all she has accomplished and is very competitive in her field. Nothing gets her creative juices flowing like an idea for a float, except maybe a certain sexy talk show host.

Daniel Torres is a very handsome and charming talk show host.  He enjoys being in the entertainment industry and normally arrives early at the station to prepare for his successful morning show.  Daniel loves all the trappings that come with his chosen profession, including his allure to the opposite sex.  He may be well-known but his big traditional family keeps him well grounded.

BLOSSOMS OF LOVE is not just about two individuals finding a lifetime of love together. It also gives us a behind the scenes look at all the hard work and pitfalls that occur in making an award-winning float for The Rose Parade, a tradition that has been around for years. The authors do their usual terrific job of creating a story sure to keep you interested and reading for hours. The characters are lively and even entertaining at times.  Logan’s antics are sure to make you laugh a time or two.  Although Daniel starts out entering into a friendly wager with a friend to win the sweepstakes trophy, but he ends up winning the biggest prize of all. Neither Greer nor Daniel are looking for a relationship. Once they meet on his show their attraction is impossible to ignore. Greer has another admirer in Daniel’s best friend but she only has eyes for Daniel.
I enjoyed reading this story and the information on the making of floats was a fascinating plus.  Also with the abundance of characters in Greer and Daniel’s story, there is the potential for future storylines. Can’t wait to see what
J.M. Jeffries comes up with next. Enjoy!

1st December 2016 |