Review: Blind Expectations
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December 2016
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell| RATING:  A
REVIEW: The hero and heroine of BLIND EXPECTATIONS, Trevor and Leah, have much to learn and experience as they make that transition from friends to lovers. Not only do they become lovers, this Millennial couple, decides to affirm their new status by making it official. They get married.

Their story is very appropriately set in the trendy area of Atlanta, Georgia, where the contemporary art and music scene is alive and thriving. Leah, Trevor and their friends are a part of this scene as they earn a reputation of being very talented and able to support themselves through their writing and artistry. Author, Jacinta Howard, explores the intimate relationship of this couple who struggle with meeting those expectations that each one has brought to the marriage.

Although this contemporary romance has two very edgy and artistic young people in the lead roles, their experiences as a married couple are universal and have no age limits. Trevor and Leah are confronted with insecurities, uncertainties, expectations, and past hurts as they try to nourish the love they have for each other. Love is everything, but is it enough. One thing for sure, they both have a long road ahead of them and time to get it right. I found myself really rooting for this couple. The storyline is strong and immediately engages the reader.

The minor characters, mostly friends, family and acquaintances of the hero and heroine, are well developed and never over shadow the main characters. It’s an eclectic mix of those who mean well (as they lend support to the protagonists) along with those who have their own agenda. The dialogue is crisp and contemporary, and there is some use of profanity. However, the dialogue helps to advance the story and the profanity is not inappropriate.

I enjoyed Trevor and Leah’s story, and I think it is a worthy addition to the other works penned by the author. Jacinta Howard is a gifted writer of contemporary romance.
BLIND EXPECTATIONS is a winner, and I recommend it.

15th January 2017 |