Review: Be My Valentine
Samhain Publishing
April  2016
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  B+
REVIEW: BE MY VALENTINE is the third book of the McClendon Holiday series. Patrice McClendon has successfully taken over the business that her mother started. Good Scents is an aromatherapy company, and Patrice is making plans to take it to the next level. Jacques Germaine, a talented perfumer, is just the man to help Patrice in this endeavor. Although an unfortunate turn of events forces Jacque to relocate from New York to Chicago, it just happens to be a very fortunate move for Patrice who lives in Chicago.

In order to take her business to the next level, Patrice needs to come up with a signature fragrance, and it needs to launch on Valentine’s Day, which ironically is Patrice’s least favorite holiday. Meeting Jacques at just the right time, will not only help her with her business goals, but it will also launch a love affair. It’s an instant love match between Patrice and Jacques, but their HEA is not going to come easily. Author, Sean Young effectively interlaces the serious subject matter of domestic abuse into the storyline which challenges the hero and heroine’s relationship. The domestic violence aspect serves as a significant sub plot that enhances the story by bringing a certain amount of realism to the story. Yet, at the same time, it slows down the pace of the main plot to the point that the hero and heroine’s budding romance seems to get overshadowed by the domestic abuse episodes.

The McClendon family members comprise most of the minor characters. The heroine’s sisters, Jennifer and Faith are featured in their own holiday series stories. They, along with another sister, Renee and the parents have roles as advisors and confidants to Patrice. [Side Note: Renee will be spotlighted in her own holiday story debuting in February 2017.] There is Jacques’ sister, Cecelia who is likable, to say the least. However, I can not omit mentioning an outstanding minor character, Nikki, who has a noteworthy role in the story. No spoilers.

As I mentioned before,
BE MY VALENTINE is the third book of a series, but I read it as a stand alone. It’s an enjoyable read, and I recommend it.

14 February 2017 |