Review: Bare Pleasures
BARE PLEASURES - Lindsay Evans
Harlequin Kimani Romance

November 2016
REVIEWER:  Shirley Fleming| RATING:  A
REVIEW:  A year ago, Noelle Palmer was left at the altar and she hasn’t been the same since.  Her sister, Margot, is very worried about her and makes an unusual request of a past employee that could backfire on both of them if Noelle finds out about their deception. Noelle loves her sister but lately it feels as if she’s smothering under Margo’s concern.  The very handsome Alexander Diallos enters the picture to distract Noelle from her depression and make her feel good about herself again. Noelle and Alexander really fall for each other and Alexander doesn’t know how to tell her that they didn’t meet by chance.  He really loves her and is afraid she will never forgive him when his dishonesty is uncovered.

Noelle is a young woman who doesn’t trust easily. Her trust is shattered by someone who professes to love her. She is still carrying around deep emotional scars and doesn’t know if she will ever be ready to open her heart again to love.  Having an overprotective sister only adds to the stress of her everyday life.

Alexander is a former stripper turned computer engineer. His family also owns a multibillion-dollar cosmetics company. He’s a carefree bachelor who is used to enjoying the company of many women. Lately those meaningless relationships leave him feeling empty. So he has decided to try celibacy for a while.

BARE PLEASURES is a good read.  I’ve read several of Ms. Evans’s books and I have never been disappointed. I like this storyline which is well-written and an attention getter with the two personalities involved. Their characters are deep and emotion filled but never boring.  The pacing moves along smooth and steady with no gaps in the story. Noelle and Alexander both bring baggage to their relationship and both are uncertain about the attraction they feel for each other.  But that doesn’t stop them from falling hard for each other.  The other characters bring a little cohesiveness to this book. But make no mistake about it, Ms. Evan’s writing make it very clear that this is strictly an Alexander and Noelle show which makes this story such a good read. I would definitely recommend this book to others. And with so many brothers and sisters in Alexander’s family, I look forward to reading more interesting love stories in this series.

1st January 2017|