Review: Always In My Heart
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March 2016
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  B+
REVIEW: I have to admit that I am a follower of A.C. Arthur’s Donovan Family series and their friends, the Desdunes, the Bennetts, and the Lakefields. The Donovan's and their friends are quite a bunch and have provided many hours of reading pleasure. ALWAYS IN MY HEART is a novella about Ricardo ‘Rico’ Bennett, one of the friends of the Donovan clan. The setting is the Big Apple where Rico is the CFO of his family’s conglomerate, Bennett Communications.

Not only is the family business located in New York, but also The Corporation, an “elite private sex club”. That’s where we find Rico dropping in in search of an outlet (in the form of mind blowing sex) to take his mind off of work, his younger sister’s pronouncement of his mid-life crisis, the anxiety about another sister’s safety, and work. While contemplating all of this, Rico sees the woman he believes can make this happen. Eva Romaine Miller, who is visiting The Corporation to support a friend, becomes the object of Rico’s attention. The storyline evolves around Rico and Eva as they try to develop a relationship. Eva, an orphan and sole supporter of her younger brother is not comfortable in Rico’s world. Although Eva, in Rico’s eyes, is everything he wants in a mate, there is that one thing that comes between them. Eva is a stripper, and in her world men like Rico do not fall in love with a stripper. Not only is she a stripper, but she is also an artist. This is the aspect of Eva’s life that Rico tries to get Eva to embrace again. The storyline revolves around Rico’s pursuit of Eva, and during the course of the pursuit, we encounter some of the members of the Lakefield, Desdune, Bennett and Donovan family members. The timeline of events moves rapidly, and after a tragic incident taken from real life events, Eva finds herself at a crossroad that undoubtedly includes her complicated love affair with Rico.

ALWAYS IN MY HEART is an emotional story that moves rapidly. As with a lot of novellas, the events happen and the narrative moves on without a lot of detail. It’s a good story, and I recommend it, but just be ready to keep it moving through the good and the bad. It could be read as a stand alone, but I strongly suggest that you get to know the Donovan's and their friends because their stories intermingle and there is a continuity that is priceless.

4th April 2016 |