Review: A Time To Heal
A TIME TO HEAL - Bettye Griffin
Bunderful Books

February 2016
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: A TIME TO HEAL is set in the Midwest, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It’s a very appropriate setting for this story that reveals the lives of six working class people who love their families, deal with their frailties, and have dreams for a promising future. One rainy Halloween night, the lives of these six individuals intersect because of a tragic error, and their lives are forever changed. The author, Bettye Griffin, says it best when she states, “2 cars,  1 crash, 6 intertwined lives”.

There are six protagonists in this story. Three couples who must navigate through a maze of life’s set backs in order to come out whole, and ready to face the future. Jason Smith and Ashley Mansfield provide the romantic element in the story despite the fact that their undeniable attraction stems from pain and anger. The other couple, Ashley’s sister, Joanna and her husband, Donald are married, but they are separated. The third couple, Brent, Jason’s brother, and Brent’s loyal girlfriend, Cassie find their relationship stretched to the max when Brent, an alcoholic, hits a car driven by Ashley where Joanna and her daughter are passengers. The storyline takes off from this point, and we follow these characters as they come to grips with how this accident has changed their lives forever. The theme of healing becomes apparent. Not only is it a time to heal physically, but also it is a time to heal relationships.

The author utilizes a very unexpected and impressive premise to explain Brent’s fall back to drinking after being sober for 2 years. I won’t spoil it for you, because it’s a fascinating theory that attributes to making this a first-rate novel. Kudos to the author! I enjoyed
A TIME TO HEAL, and I recommend it.

1st March 2016 |