Review: A Sultry Love Song
A SULTRY LOVE SONG - Kianna Alexander
Harlequin Kimani/Romance
November 2016
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: Author Kianna Alexander takes us back to the Queen City, Charlotte, North Carolina and another story involving one of the talented Queen City Gents. The Latin lover, Marco Alverez, the sax player for the Queen City Gents, is highlighted in this story that features his feisty boss-lady love interest, Joi Lewis.  Although Charlotte is the main setting, the author transports the readers to the tropical romantic shores of Limon, Costa Rica, the home of the hero.

By night, the suave Marco Alvarez is the talented tenor sax player for the Queen City Gents, a local jazz quartet with a loyal following. By day, Marco serves as the President and Executive of Operations at the Charlotte branch of the International Royal Bank and Trust. Under his leadership, the branch has thrived for the five years it has existed, and it is now time to hire a permanent security firm to oversee all matters of the bank branch’s security. In steps our heroine, Ms. Joi Lewis, the founder and owner of Citadel, an all-female security agency. Joi’s bid presentation for the job is an instant success, and the attraction between Marco and Joi is also instant. Despite their boss-employee relationship by day, by night Joi and Marco are undeniable lovers. However, there is a little hitch in the hero and heroine’s sultry attraction to each other which I will not reveal. Just know that this “little hitch” is like the proverbial elephant in the room, and it lurks in the recesses of Marco’s memory.

One of the highlights of this story occurs when the setting shifts from North Carolina to Limon, Costa Rica. The tropical setting adds just the right amount of romantic ambiance to the romantic element of the storyline. However, the reason that Joi and Marco are in Limon, is because of a security breach that occurred at the bank and shut down the system. They are summoned to Costa Rica to the bank’s headquarters by the CEO, Salvatore Perez. Another highlight of this novel is the urgent task to discover the reason for the security breach and the perpetrator who caused it. Now we have a whodunnit, a great addition to the storyline!

The minor characters serve two functions. Some of them support the hero and heroine by offering advice and support. For example, in Marco’s case, there are his parents, and his bandmates, Rashad, Ken, and Darius. You might remember Darius and Rashad from the first two novels of this series,
THIS TENDER MELODY (Book 1) and EVERY BEAT OF MY HEART (Book 2), respectively. For Joi, she has her parents, her sister, Joanne and her female staff, Karen, Yolanda, Jackie, Maxine, Traci and Carol. Other minor characters like Marco’s friend, Ernesto, Roosevelt Hunter, branch manager, and Mr. Perez add to the evolving plot of the storyline. Speaking of storylines, I wonder what the author has in store for the last Queen City Gent, Ken, the drummer. Can’t wait to read his story.

I really enjoyed this story and I highly recommend it. It can be read as a standalone, but I always recommend that you engage the whole series in order to establish continuity between the books.

14th December 2016 |