Review: A Stallion's Touch
  A STALLION'S TOUCH - Deborah Fletcher Mello
Harlequin Kimani Romance
October 2016
REVIEWER:  Shirley Fleming | RATING:  A
REVIEW: Tarah and Nicholas first meet at a Stallion and Boudreaux Christmas gathering.  Nicholas has been busy with his professional football career and Tarah with her medical career, so their paths have never crossed.  They become fast friends and communicate frequently long distance; she is in Phoenix and he lives in Los Angeles.  But they make it work.  During the course of their friendship they come to depend on each other.  When the unthinkable happens and Nicholas is injured during a play-off game, Tarah promises to stand by his side and help him through it.  Tarah and Nicholas are so busy pretending to be friends that they trip and fall headlong into love.  And what a love it is!  These two are so connected and will walk through fire for each other.

Tarah Boudreaux is the youngest of the Boudreaux siblings and spoiled by her family, especially her oldest brother.  She has been known to party a little too much.  But Tarah takes her career as a neurosurgeon very serious.  She has always wanted to be a doctor since she was a child.  Training under her mentor is like a dream come true.

Nickolas Stallion is a pro quarterback and is on top of the world until an injury changes his life forever.  He falls into a deep depression until a good friend steps in and refuses to allow him to wallow in self-pity.  When he finally realizes his life is not over, he pulls himself together and starts the therapy he desperately needs.

A STALLION’S TOUCH is another slam dunk for Ms. Fletcher Mello.  It is always a pleasure to read about the Stallion and Boudreaux family.  I love catching up with the characters from previous stories after finding their soul mates. This author does a great job of creating storylines and Tarah and Nicholas story is so heartwarming.  Even though Nicholas is struggling with the hand that has been dealt him, he knows that no matter what, Tarah will always be by his side cheering him on. What started as a great friendship blossomed into a powerful love that can withstand anything, including outside interference.  Tarah and Nicholas never consummate their relationship physically, yet their hearts and bodies are forever linked together.  Excellent writing!  And so realistic.  This book can claim its place next to others by this author.  The plot is good and it’s evident as you read the story. Pacing doesn’t allow for the story to become stagnate.  Interactions between the characters is lively and upbeat.

I would definitely recommend
A STALLION’S TOUCH to others.  I read it twice.  Curl up in your favorite chair with a copy of this latest entry into The Stallion/Boudreaux saga. I can promise you will not be disappointed. A STALLION’S TOUCH is a very good read.

4th December 2016 |