Review: A Perfect Caress
Harlequin Kimani Romance

December 2016
REVIEWER:  Alicia Aaron| RATING:  B+
REVIEW:  Dante Sanderson and Lanelle Murphy meet while vying for the last slice of chocolate cake; she’s having a bad day and he promised his niece a slice. It’s obvious that they’re both feeling each other; however, Lanelle is cautious and Dante is sidetracked waiting for important family news…but not so sidetracked that he doesn’t try to follow Lanelle to ask her out. Their next meeting is literally minutes later in the car garage. Lanelle issues him a challenge, if they meet, unexpectedly, for a third time, she’ll go out with him; and Dante accepts the challenge. Of course, they meet unexpectedly at a silent auction and Lanelle lives up to her promise.

Dante is definitely feeling Lanelle and the feeling is mutual; but past experiences on the parts of both, and lies of omission threaten to destroy the budding romance between the two. Lanelle is guarded due to her upbringing and Dante is outspoken about things. It just so happens that the things he’s outspoken about are the things that directly affect Lanelle. As you can imagine, this leads to secrecy and becomes problematic.

Nana Prah has written a gentle love story; it’s not five alarm fire hot, it’s sweet with moments of passion. You really get to see Lanelle come out of her shell as her backstory plays out and you see the gentle side of her when she interacts with Dante’s niece, Vanessa, and his nephew, Ryan. In fact, Lanelle and Vanessa become good friends and it is when Vanessa invites Lanelle on a family vacation to Italy in an attempt to play matchmaker that Dante and Lanelle further explore their attraction to each other.

What I liked about
A PERFECT CARESS is that you get to see how two people’s totally separate pasts directly affect their interactions and relationships in the present. Nana Prah fleshed out Dante and Lanelle by creating backstories that were both believable and relatable. Prah wove those backstories into the book in such a way that it didn’t feel like the readers were being drip fed information or were being given random insights. Each back story formed who Dante and Lanelle were in the present. Then, you got to see them overcome those past difficulties and become better versions of themselves.

The only criticism that I have is that at times, I wished that Lanelle would communicate better with Dante about her past; and while I understand why Lanelle was not forthcoming, it still made me want to shout, “Just tell him already!”.

A PERFECT CARESS is definitely a good read and is a book that I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a sweet love story.

1st January 2017|