Review: A Passionate Night
Amaris Publishing

August 2016
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: Harper Bennett, the female member of the Bennett triplets, meets her match at Club Masquerade, the hottest nightspot in Atlanta, which she co-owns with her brothers, Cameron and Mason. Harper, the professional events planner for the club, has some hard and fast rules that she does not do long distance relationships nor does she mix business with pleasure. However, when the handsome, Hunter Arrington walks through the door of the Club to meet with Harper concerning an event he wants to hold there, those rules go out the door when he steps in. Arrington. Does the name ring a bell? If you are familiar with author, Candace Shaw’s writing, you recognize the name from the books of her Arrington Family Series of Memphis. Hunter is a cousin to the prominent Arringtons who are involved in the medical profession.

Hunter travels the world promoting, overseeing and project directing the non-profit organization Doctor’s Unlimited, founded by his cousin, Dr. Cannon Arrington (
ONLY ONE FOR ME). His work now brings him to Atlanta where the organization will establish its first free clinic. The fundraiser for this venture will be held at Club Masquerade. Harper is enamored at first meeting of Hunter and the feeling is mutual. Theirs is an instant attraction that neither can deny. So, how does this couple overcome the impending distance that threatens their relationship? Hunter’s destination after Atlanta is Ghana. For Harper, a long distance relationship is out the question because of a previous long distance affair that went horribly wrong. It’s a dilemma that the heroine and hero must eventually come to grips with, but in the meantime, the chemistry between these two characters is so intense that the pages literally sizzle. That scene on the rooftop terrace of Harper’s penthouse apartment is crazy H.O.T and indeed a passionate night!

The question is will that passion survive the long distance when Hunter has to resume his responsibility to Doctor’s Unlimited in Ghana? Can a love survive the ultimate sacrifice of moving on in order to continue one’s life work? Well, you will just have to read this contemporary romance in order to discover the answers. Believe me, you will not be sorry.

The Bennett brothers, Mason and Cameron, also appear in this story, along with their love interests, Simone and London, who also is Harper’s best friend and confident from childhood. Making brief appearances are some of the Arrington family members.

A PASSIONATE NIGHT by Candace Shaw is another delightful story in The Bennett Triplets trilogy. This story plus the other two books of the series, A PASSIONATE KISS by Sharon C. Cooper and A PASSIONATE LOVE by Delaney Diamond are must reads. You can read them in any order. These three women writers of African American Romance have hit the trifecta of passion in these stories.  I highly recommend them for your reading pleasure.

28th August 2016 |