Review: A Passionate Kiss
Amaris Publishing

August 2016
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: Mason Bennett, ex-Marine, and co-owner (with his two siblings) of Club Masquerade, the hottest night club in Atlanta is the protagonist of this story. The Bennett triplets, Cameron, Mason and Harper are featured in the latest contemporary romance series by three different authors. In this story, author Sharon Cooper presents a well developed story of the dynamics of how childhood friends become adult lovers. The heroine, TV news anchor London Alexander, offers a challenging proposal to Mason that he can not ignore and one that escalates their friends’ to lovers’ status.

First, I love a good series, and what is more, I love a good series that centers around family. Mason and his siblings are so close that they take over their parents faltering nightclub business, revamp it, and successfully take it to another level. As the story opens, the hero, Mason is adjusting to civilian life after being honorably discharged from the Marines, and keeping his love life as “drama free” as possible by stating that he wants children, but not a wife. Drama free, huh? Well, enters the heroine, London, the triplet’s childhood friend who agrees with Mason’s declaration by informing him that she’s ready and willing to have his children. The storyline delves into the highs and lows of what occurs when a couple changes their relationship from the friends’ to lovers’ status. What is more, Mason is very protective of those he cares for, and London certainly falls into that category. It is a slippery slope especially when complications of a stalker type ex-lover, commitment issues, personal demons, and a murder come into play. And that’s all I’ll say about that.

The romance between Mason and London spirals quickly to steamy and passionate love scenes that leave no doubt that they belong together. The dialogue is contemporary and works well with the pace of the storyline. Mason’s siblings (Cameron, the eldest triplet and Harper, the female triplet) appear throughout this story, and their characters are developed just enough to make the reader curious about their respective stories.

I enjoyed reading
A PASSIONATE KISS. Author, Sharon C. Cooper’s skills as a contemporary romance writer shine in this story. I recommend that you get this book and the other two (by different authors) that feature Mason’s sister and brother. It really doesn’t matter what order you read them, because hints of their stories occur in all three books. However, I will say that you will miss out on some enjoyable stories if you don’t read all three books of this series, A PASSIONATE KISS, A PASSIONATE LOVE by Delaney Diamond, and A PASSIONATE NIGHT by Candace Shaw. You will not be sorry.

28th August 2016 |