Review: Yours Forever

YOURS FOREVER  Farrah Rochon
Harlequin Kimani/Romance
March 2014
Janet Caldwell |  RATING: C 
SYNOPSIS: Louisiana powerhouse attorney Matthew Gauthier has spent a lifetime safeguarding his prominent family's scandalous history. So when Tamryn West makes it her mission to dig up the past, Matthew must do everything in his power to stop her. But his plan to distract the alluring history professor begins to send his own passions raging out of control.

REVIEW: Professor Tamryn West is confident Matthew Gauthier has the answers to her questions surrounding her great-great-grandmother’s mysterious past.  Matthew isn't cooperating - he has secrets of his own.

YOURS FOREVER is Farah Rochon’s third installment in her Bayou Dreams series.  Like the other offerings, ALWAYS AND FOREVER and A FOREVER LOVE, the setting is quaint, fictional Gauthier, Louisiana. The rich descriptions of the bayou region are on point thanks to Louisiana native Rochon.  

Tamryn is a professor of African American history and women’s studies at a small liberal arts college in Boston.  She is in Gauthier to obtain material for her book about her great-great-grandmother’s role in the town's history.  This book serves a dual purpose for Tamryn - to fill in the missing pieces of her great-great-grandmother’s past and to advance her academic career. 

Matthew is Gauthier’s most eligible bachelor and by birth a member of its wealthiest founding family.  He is an attorney and heads the family law firm which he inherited when his father became a judge.  Matthew’s character is a departure from the typical strong and self-confident romance novel male. Admittedly, each leading male character in this series has a flaw, but Matthew is possibly the most flawed. Behind his strong dimpled façade is a very insecure man. 

Tamryn and Matthew meet on the side of the road after mechanical problems disable her car.  Their attraction is immediate, but both profess inwardly, that now is not the time for a serious relationship.  Matthew is launching a campaign for State Senate and Tamryn is working to complete her book. While masquerading as a hero, Matthew is unaware that his attractive lady in distress is the persistent professor that has been hounding him for information about his family history.  The information she uncovers could turn his world upside down.       

Unlike previous novels in this series, YOURS FOREVER didn't hold my attention.  Because of repetition there is more book than story suggesting this tale would have worked nicely as a novella.  Rochon’s effort to make Matthew’s character the opposite of his domineering father strips him of his courage and leaves him timid and flighty.  I expected much more from his character given his profession and legacy.  His pursuit of Tamryn reminded me of an old Keith Sweat lyric, "Baby, baby, please."  His approach diminished their love story.  Rochon’s next installment in this series releases “hot on the heels” of this one.  I hope she returns to the strong foundation upon which this series was built and delivers a novel seasoned with the spicy comfort of southern love, bayou-style.

12th June 2014 |