Review: When Morning Comes

Harlequin Kimani/Romance
July 2014
Shirley Fleming |  RATING: B 
SYNOPSIS: Investment banker Isaac Mason isn't like the other men who strive for Autumn Hillard's attention. He's easily the sexiest man alive, and while his lean, muscular body screams temptation, his careful manner reveals nothing. Working her way into Issac's world at Paxton Investment Securities, Autumn intends to find out what makes the millionaire tick, while remaining detached in his enticing presence.

Autumn Hilliard is a private investigator.  She and Isaac Mason meet when she is hired by his employer, Paxton Investment Securities, to find out if Isaac is guilty of fraud.  After meeting the handsome investment banker, Autumn is faced with a dilemma.  He is her hottest suspect so far and she is extremely attracted to him. However, she can’t allow that to influence the outcome of her findings.  Isaac has no idea that Autumn was hired by his company to spy on him.  When they are paired together on a project, their attraction becomes even more irresistible.  When they finally succumb to their feelings, Autumn feels guilty because she knows that Isaac will feel betrayed when he discovers her deception.

Autumn is a good investigator and she loves her work.  She has a reputation for always ferreting out the truth and nothing excites her more than bringing criminals to justice.  Pure adrenaline gets her going each morning.  She travels and accept assignments where ever the need may be.  The anticipation of catching one more corporate offender is extremely exhilarating for her and gives her a feeling of accomplishment.

Isaac is an ambitious investment banker with his eyes on a partnership at Paxton Investment Securities.  He set a goal for his future and works hard to achieve it.  He put in many long hours to get ahead to prove his worth.  His determination to make partner drives Isaac to arrive early at work and leave late.  His long awaited dream is within his grasp and he refuses to let anyone get in the way of him obtaining it.

WHEN MORNING COMES is a story with hidden agendas and secrets.  The pacing is good and consistent.  The setting is in the city of New York, which is considered to be the financial capital of the world.  This works well with the theme since both Isaac and Autumn work for a fictional financial conglomerate.  Autumn’s past adds a bit of mystery to the story.  While I like the mystique, I wanted to see more information on Autumn’s past but it never materialized.  To me it left an unclear picture of who she really is.  Isaac’s character was more enlightening.  And even though his life is more settled than Autumn’s, they fit well together as a couple.  The other characters include the head of the company and his daughter, who is seriously obsessed with Isaac and willing to do anything to get what she wants.  I didn’t care much for the ending of the story.  And frankly, it left me with certain unanswered questions.

WHEN MORNING COMES is basically a good story and an easy read.  But a little more history on the main female character would have been a plus for me.

5th September 2014 |