Review: What, Need, Love
WANT, NEED, LOVE - Niobia Bryant
Kensington Dafina/Romance
December 2014
Brenda Maxwell |  RATING: A
REVIEW:  How cool would it be to be able to put people together with their soul-mate and have a never failed yet success rate? The only problem…it does not work for you.

Mona Ballinger and her sisters inherited “the gift”, to predict a person’s one true love. The gift goes back to the late 1800’s and is passed down to all of the women on their dad’s side of the family. Mona takes her gift seriously, but she has also used it as a way to make ends meet in college. She later parlays the gift into a successful business, Modern Day Cupid, much to sister, Reeba’s, chagrin and mortification.

Enter drama, in the form of a six foot two inch, three-piece suit wearing, dark gray BMW driving, and successful architect, Anson Tyler. His words, “Destroy a relationship and then pick up two new customers for this sham you’re running,” are thrown in fury at Mona. This after Mona advised his fiancée, Carina, that Anson was not the man for her.

WANT, NEED, LOVE is a lively and fun book to read. The drama is strong; the attraction between Mona and Anson is stronger. Mona’s parting volley at Anson were, “What you need to deal with is what doubts brought her through the same door you’re about to walk out of”.

Mona is very loyal to her family legacy. She knows “the gift” does not work on her personally, so when a strange twist of fate shows her own future, Mona also knows she has to be true to her calling and that love will eventually follow. After all how can she tell her clients to believe in true love, if she does not? The problem is, this love is not the love she wants.

Holtsville, South Carolina was hometown to Mona’s mom. Her family moved there from New Orleans after her father fell in love with the slower pace of life. Ms. Bryant weaves an entertaining tale in the pages of WANT, NEED, LOVE, but the pace is definitely not slow.

WANT, NEED, LOVE is the ninth book in the Niobia Bryant’s Hot in Holtsville series. The many supporting roles in the book are too numerous to mention, but each is necessary in the telling of the story. Grab it quick. Read, laugh, cry, and pull your hair out at the antics of our heroine and her sure thing hero.

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