Review: Until You Love Me
UNTIL YOU LOVE ME - Belle Calhourne
Belle Calhourne Books
September 2014
Ashley Slater |  RATING: C
REVIEW: Shattered by a past filled with painful memories, Gabrielle Turner is eager to start a new life in Breeze Point, Cape Cod.  She hopes to find the stability that’s eluded her for so long.  Remy Donahue has been coined a hopeless romantic by his family.  Never afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve, he immediately falls for Gabrielle.  If Gabrielle can learn to trust, then she can confront her past and embrace all the joys of tomorrow with Remy.

Gabrielle is shy and uncertain about living in Breeze Point.  She’s found a job she likes at the bakery owned by Maggie and Alec Donahue.  Though she doesn’t know many people in town, she’s met all of the Donahues and appreciated their hospitality.  There’s just something unsettling about Remy Donahue that makes her flustered and shy in his presence.  As a result, she avoids him whenever possible.  Undeterred by this, Remy decides to pursue her anyway, in spite of her aloof nature.  There’s just something about her that calls out to his protective instincts and desire to get to know her better.

UNTIL YOU LOVE ME starts out slow and does not really get interesting until the midpoint.  I was intrigued to learn more of Gabrielle’s background to find out why she was so guarded and skittish.  As the story progresses we see Gabrielle’s growth as she begins to realize her worth, lay her demons to rest, and embrace what the future holds.  Though Remy is compassionate and the consummate gentleman, he just seems too perfect.  He is a great guy, but he feels very one dimensional because we only see his romantic and compassionate side in his determination to win over Gabrielle.  Unfortunately, their relationship feels unbalanced due to Gabrielle’s indifference and the fact that they lack chemistry as a couple.  These factors make their relationship feel forced and better suited for friendship.

In spite of these issues, the Donahue clan is an intriguing family brought together through the foster care system.  Each brother’s story provides insight into his background and the circumstances that led to his adoption by Alec and Maggie Donahue.  It will be interesting to see how their adoptions have shaped the brother’s views on life and love in future stories.

12th February 2015 |