Review: Unforgettable

UNFORGETTABLE -  Delaney Diamond
Delaney Diamond
May 2014
Susan Plummer |  RATING: A 
SYNOPSIS: Ivy Johnson is stunned when Lucas Baylor makes an appearance at her family’s event in Seattle. She hasn’t seen him in nine years and never expected to again. Avoiding him is a must. She can’t let him uncover her secret, but Lucas won’t be denied. When her deception is revealed, it throws his life into a tailspin and forces them to face the truth of their feelings for each other-feelings they’ve both tried in vain to forget.

REVIEW: Delaney Diamond’s new novel, UNFORGETTABLE, is an inspiring story about the unforeseen wishes of the heart.

Aspiring writer, Lucas Baylor is busy building a career and has no time for more than a brief affair with the beautiful brewing company heiress, Ivy Johnson. Shortly after their affair ends, Ivy makes a startling discovery.  Unwilling to burden Lucas; Ivy buries her pain and moves on. Lucas wanted only passion from his relationship with Ivy but found love too. He returns to confess his feelings only to learn that Ivy is already married to someone else.  Embittered by her easy dismissal of their time together Lucas reverts his energies to his writing career. He eventually becomes a relationship writer; delivering candid advice to women unwilling to let go of ill-fated relationships.

Years later, Lucas and Ivy cross paths and while Lucas wants to catch up, Ivy is insistent they go their separate ways. Lucas quickly discovers Ivy’s reason and is shocked and furious by her deceit. Lucas may have walked away years ago but this time he is staying. Faced with the new dynamic of their relationship, Lucas and Ivy try to ignore old feelings that soon rekindle into an explosive passion.  However, Lucas and Ivy are a long way from a happy ending as an anonymous tip off to the media regarding Lucas’ true identity creates a strain that could destroy their tenuous truce.

I was captivated from the moment I started reading. UNFORGETTABLE delivers on the elements of a good book with an appealing plot and realistic characters.

Ivy is reminiscent of today’s celebrities who unsuccessfully try to insulate their private lives from the media sensation. At first, Lucas is a mystery as he doles out relationship advice but doesn’t believe in love. As the story progresses, Lucas’ true motivation becomes clearer. Palpable animosity is evident among Ivy’s brothers which is a great back story and I anxiously await more details of their story in a future book.

Dialogue plays a major role in moving this story along. The story begins with an exchange between Lucas and his audience and this reveals his frank personality. Interestingly enough, Lucas’ words don’t always match his actions.  Ivy is an outspoken and accomplished woman but Lucas often reduces her to a lovelorn girl longing for what-if. Many spirited and engaging dialogues occur between Ivy and her brother and Ivy and Lucas. While the affair was brief, neither Lucas nor Ivy has forgotten their time together.

I highly recommend UNFORGETTABLE from the Johnson Family series which is already proving to be worth reading and monitoring for future novels.

22nd June 2014 |