Review: Twelve Days of Pleasure
TWELVE DAYS OF PLEASURE - Deborah Fletcher Mello
Harlequin Kimani Romace
November 2014
Shirley Fleming |  RATING: A
SYNOPSIS: Vanessa Harrison's holiday spirit goes from humdrum to armed and dangerous when the filmmaker becomes an eyewitness to a crime. Spirited away to a Caribbean hideout for her safety, she isn't prepared for her instant attraction to gorgeous, take-no-prisoners FBI agent Kendrick Boudreaux. On Pleasure Island-where every sensual fantasy is fulfilled-her vow to never trust another man melts in the heat of Kendrick's sizzling embrace.

Kendrick and Vanessa find themselves confined together when Kendrick is cast in the role of protector and Vanessa is hunted by a killer. Because of a past relationship Vanessa vows never to trust another man. All of her resolve weakens when she meets Kendrick. If she has to be protected who better than the devastatingly, handsome, Kendrick Boudreaux. Their attraction is instant and Vanessa is ready to act on it but Kendrick holds back. After all, she is a witness and his job is to keep her safe, not to take advantage of the situation. Although he constantly reminds himself it would be wrong to get involved with her, his heart is already committed. Their affair runs hot and heavy for the duration of their forced seclusion but Kendrick finds himself in unfamiliar territory. He is a trained professional. An FBI agent. Recruited for a covert division of the Secret Service. Yet none of his extensive training has prepared him for falling in love with Vanessa.

FBI Agent Kendrick Boudreaux has traveled the world successfully executing one assignment after another. His tenure with the Secret Service usually puts him in situations that takes some maneuvering to get out of. His work is important to him and he enjoys it. But lately Kendrick is restless and missing family milestones because he’s constantly rushing off to the next assignment to parts unknown. After years of service he is ready to put down roots and stay close to home.

Vanessa Harrison is the daughter of a Mexican ambassador to the United States and a graduate film student at Columbia University School of Arts. She is very passionate about filmmaking and has been making mini movies since she knew what a camera was. No matter where she may go, Vanessa and her camera are constant companions. Being an avid filmmaker, she never knows when something may catch her eye so she never leaves home without it.

This story is passionate, sexy and just plain hot!  Once they get past the protector and witness road-block, Kendrick and Vanessa are awesome together. Their attraction and subsequent romance sizzles between the pages of this book. With the Caribbean as a backdrop, the author takes us on a journey with Kendrick and Vanessa that gives new meaning to pleasure. TWELVE DAYS OF PLEASURE is well-written and totally engaging with lots of family love, romance in abundance and danger to keep you turning those pages.  The other characters encompass members of the Boudreaux and Stallion family series from Ms. Mello’s previous books.  I love the fact that she includes an update on two of my favorite families. For me, that keeps the stories alive and fresh in my mind and I can read the next one without missing a beat.

I love reading about the Boudreaux family. You can always count on Deborah Fletcher Mello to weave a sensual story of desire and intrigue and she really delivered on this one.  Great read!

25th December 2014 |