Review: The Sweetest Thing

THE SWEETEST THING - Deborah Fletcher Mello
Kensington Dafina/Romance
March 2014

Brenda Maxwell |  RATING:
SYNOPSIS: When the owner of Memphis's most mouthwatering bakery, Just Desserts, suddenly dies, pastry chef Quentin Elliott and his brother, office manager Troy Elliott, are distraught. Everett "Pop" Donovan was more than their boss, he was a beloved mentor. So they're shocked to learn that Pop left the business to his beautiful, estranged daughter-a woman they know nothing about-and who knows nothing about running a bakery...

REVIEW: THE SWEETEST THING is the story of Quentin and Harper. Quentin and his brother, Troy, run a (smell it -mmmmm) bakery in Memphis, TN started by their foster father, Everett. When Everett dies, he leaves the bakery to his daughter, Harper, who currently lives and owns a successful Wedding Planning business, in Baton Rouge, LA. Of course Quentin and Troy know nothing about Harper and she knows nothing about them. The “siblings” find out about each other three days before the funeral. The story takes off from there.

The book has several great zingers. For example: “Have you ever noticed that someone who’s about to make a foolish mistake and needs to defend it, the first thing he does is announce how grown his ass is? Show me how grown you are, don’t tell,”. Yep LOVED IT! Good advice even in real life.

Two of my favorite parts of the story involve music and other stuff (LOL). Harper tells Quentin he has to play his saxophone for her naked. Oh la, la, that’s where the other stuff comes in. Another beautiful piece is the song, Everett wrote for Harper. I cried and cried. 

The book has wonderful supporting characters, Mama Pearl who lets nothing and no one get by her. Quentin’s brother, Troy who lets no one get next to him (cannot wait to see him fall in his own story - uh huh). Dwayne, slick as an old fashioned jheri curl, the very misunderstood and going about it the wrong way, Rachel. Lastly, there is Jasmine, Harper’s best friend and business partner and Mrs. Todd, an older woman who used to sing with the “siblings” father.

There are two issues that kept me from giving the story a higher rating: 1) The quick relationship that develops between Harper and Quentin. They start off in adversarial roles then quickly progress to a like/love relationship. I do not feel this most important aspect was developed clearly. 2) We are not told why Harper’s father left her and her mother. The back-story helps with character development; this was missing for Harper, although some background is given for Quentin and Troy.

Ms Mello is one of my favorite authors and I always look forward to her new entries.  Overall, THE SWEETEST THING is a good read.  The dialogue is great, the book moves quickly, and has (most importantly) a happy ending. So buy it, wait for a rainy day, curl up in your favorite chair, and enjoy.

2nd March 2014 |