Review: The One That I Want
Kensington Dafina/Romance
November 2014
Brenda Maxwell |  RATING: B+
REVIEW:  What happens when things are not what they seem? Imagine waking up, finding yourself naked and tied to a one of your dining room chairs, but having no clue as to why. That is the reality of Graham “Pleasure” Walker. A resounding slap wakes him to a woman standing in front of him dressed in black, with leather gloves, and a ski mask. She asks if he remembers her (he does not) but she says she remembers him. “Pleasure” is trapped and it is anything but pleasurable.

Three years after their divorce, sixteen year old Graham is sent from his, church going, mother’s suburban New York home with an in ground pool, to live with his father. Graham could not be happier with the move. However, his father’s small one bedroom apartment has a built-in revolving door marked “women only” and Graham is taking lessons. Graham’s lessons lead him into the steamy world of exotic dancing and that schooling eventually evolves into a career as a paid escort, willing to do anything for a fee.

THE PLEASURE TRAP is an interesting book that swings back and forth between “Pleasure’s” present day dilemma, to past behaviors that brought him to where he is now. The story is very graphic and chronicles the life of a man who goes through women without a care until he finds “the one” that he is willing to give it all up for. There is just one problem, “Pleasure” has to figure out who from his past life hates him so much, she is willing to torture then kill him.

The story unfolds in New Jersey. There are several complicated characters who move in and out of Graham’s life and give the story its depth. The overarching theme provides strong evidence for the need to protect our children in every aspect of life. If not - the consequences can be devastating.

Ms. Bryant does not shy away from the shock factor, so it is no surprise that she does not lead
THE PLEASURE TRAP to a “happily ever after” ending, certainly leaving the door open for a sequel. The book is well written and held my attention, but left me feeling very unsettled. Because of the graphic nature this book is not for everyone, nonetheless, if you are looking for a tense story, with a “what in the world” ending, THE PLEASURE TRAP is for you.

4th February 2015 |