Review: The Perfect Affair

THE PERFECT AFFAIR - Lutishia Lovely
Kensington Dafina/Fiction
June 2014
Brenda Maxwell |  RATING: B+ 
SYNOPSIS: Freelance writer Jacqueline Tate arrives in Los Angeles and soon meets brilliant, award-winning scientist Randall Atwater, the man she's come to cover at a conference on trends and technology. He is everything she's read about--brainy, witty, handsome, and cool. And after a week spent with the most fascinating man she's ever known, there's no way she can give him up.

Lutisha Lovely does not fail to shock!

Jacqueline Tate, a contracted freelance writer and beautiful science nerd, is focused on getting an exclusive story for her magazine, Science Today.  She is on her way to Los Angeles for a major science conference, where she plans to interview the esteemed and oh so handsome biologist, Dr. Randall Atwater.  If she is successful, her temporary job could become permanent. As happenstance would have it, she runs into Dr. Atwater at the Los Angeles airport.  Due to a major accident, there are no cabs, so he offers to share car service with her.  Although initially reluctant to accept the ride, she decides she can use the time to get a jump on her exclusive interview.  As the car takes them to their destination, they are soon chatting like old friends.  He invites Jacqueline to dinner, much to her surprise and she accepts his invitation.  Jacqueline “feels” the heat of his attraction and sees this as the start of a beautiful relationship with a man she has only been able to admire from afar.  However, until he leaves his wife, they can have The Perfect Affair.

THE PERFECT AFFAIR has so many twists and turns, it made my head spin.  As I read the book - adultery and stringing someone along was leaving a very bad tasted in my mouth, but things change up as nothing appears to be what it is.

Jacqueline is dealing with her troubled past as she tries to forge a relationship with Randall.  She has a best friend, Kris that she establishes a bond with in college.  Kris supports Jacqueline in her pursuit of a relationship with Randall in spite of the drama he creates in her life.  After all, Jacqueline loves him and she and Kris are convinced it will all be worth it in the end.  Jacqueline also has a very giving friend, Marco, who lets her stay at his home while she is on “assignment”.

Randall, married for twenty years to Sherri, has two children Aaron and Albany.  He too has a best friend, James, who helps him to see the big picture regarding Jacqueline.  Another major character in the story is Elaine, Sherri’s mom.  Elaine forces events to a head in a way that surprises everyone.

The drama in the story is riveting.  Sometimes, my heart beat so fast I read a little, put it down for a little, read a little more and put it down again.  The book has two themes: First, Ms Lovely dives into the touchy subject of romantic obsession.  Jacqueline is determined to get her man at any cost.  Secondly, trust in marriage can be a fleeting thing when tested.  Real love requires patience, understanding, and forgiveness.  A good uppercut does not hurt either.

I have read a few of Ms Lovely’s books.  THE PERFECT AFFAIR is a definite switch from the ones I have read previously.  Buy it, read it, but don’t turn off the lights.

1st August 2014 |