Review: The One That I Want
THE ONE THAT I WANTED - Zuri Day/Donna Hill/Cheris Hodges
Kensington Dafina/Romance
October 2014
Brenda Maxwell |  RATING: B+
REVIEW:  THE ONE THAT I WANT is comprised of three separate stand-alone stories: A Promise for the Holiday, by Donna Hill, A Sexy Christmas Carol, by Zuri Day, Christmas Surprise, by Cheris Hodges.

A Promise for The Holiday - Donna Hill (B): Betrayed and then widowed for five years, but still sharply feeling the pain, real estate agent extraordinaire, Cara Holiday said no, no way, not again to heartache. Chef and restaurant owner, Mitch Davis, likes Ms. Holiday at first sighting, but cannot get next to Cara. He decides to hire her under the guise of buying a new house. She decides maybe she was a little hasty in her no, no way, not again and draws out the showing of the new homes just to be near him. Cara’s girlfriends, Stella and Tricia keep the pot stirred in this new romance. Ms Hill moves things along quickly between the hero and heroine in this short story. It is cute, but predictable.

A Sexy Christmas Carol - Zuri Day (A): Alex Worthington, body guard for hot rapper, Marlon, better known as Mr. President and Carol Robbins, former personal assistant to famed R&B singer, Gabriella, meet again at a VIP party gone wrong. Quitting her job and moving back to the “D” (Detroit) is good, hooking up with her old “friend” remains to be seen. Can a man who loves the excitement of travel and living just outside of the spotlight and a woman running from the same life find the will to form a lasting relationship? A side note of danger threads throughout the story as the hero and heroine try to determine the cause of the gone wrong part of the VIP party. Ms Day’s story is more than “a holiday feel good”. I thoroughly enjoyed the exciting, supportive, funny cast of characters and at the risk of saying too much, I will let it rest. You will not be sorry for reading this story.

Christmas Surprise - Cheris Hodges (B+): Don’t you love Christmas surprises? I do! How would you feel, though, if your surprise was a set of divorce papers? What in the world is going on is what Jonathan Joseph is trying to figure out as he stares at the “gift” his wife, Lola gave him. Jon owns a successful software gaming company that has allowed him and Lola to live the good life. What do you mean you’re unhappy? Lola, who loves her sexy, smart husband deeply, says she is tired of Jon ignoring her and she’d rather be alone than forgotten.” Jon is determined to reclaim his wife and his life. Ms Hodges looks at marriage from the perspective of busyness for the sake of success getting in the way of a real relationship. How much is enough and how much is too much to put up with? Read her story and find out.

The three stories by three great authors are quite entertaining and make for a good read.

4th February 2015 |