Review:  The Come Up
THE LAWYER'S LUCK - Piper Hughuley
Liliaceae Publishers
July 2014
REVIEWER:  Brenda Maxwell  | RATING: A
REVIEW: Oberlin, Ohio - 1844. Lawrence Stewart is determined to become a lawyer to help his people. They are the people of the Miami Nation who were forced to leave their land. He is a circuit rider going from small town to small town meting out justice, performing weddings, etc. for those who do not have a court in their area. Things are good; he has an “in” with the local innkeeper, the buxom Mrs. Taylor, and the backing of his mentor, Judge Charles Henry. Life is perfect for the young, part Negro, part Indian, lawyer to be; no other Negro man has accomplished what he has planned for his life. Then - someone steals his horse. A court circuit rider cannot ride without his horse. If only he could remember the horse’s name, Beauty, Beauregard, Biscayne? Lawrence tracks the thief and shoots him. What! Him is a her? Enters Aurelia Baxter or Realie, a wanted run-away slave from Georgia on her way to Canada.

Lawrence has always been a man of integrity and would never hurt a woman, he cannot leave Realie behind. He is responsible for shooting her and if he reported her, as a horse thief, she could be hanged. How can he be responsible for the impossible? Taking care of Realie is going to cause him to lose his job and Judge Henry’s experiment, to help a young Negro graduate from Oberlin College and become a lawyer, will have failed.

THE LAWYER’S LUCK is hilariously funny and deadly serious. It grapples with the reality of slavery and the hardships of being a Negro in both the north and the south in the 1800s. Lawyer (Realie’s name for Lawrence) and Realie fall in love, but he cannot ask her to marry him while she is still a slave. Lawyer heads to Georgia to buy Realie’s freedom. The relationship between the two in this unlikely couple kept me laughing and made up for some of the “reality” as the story unfolds.

THE LAWYER’S LUCK is the prequel to the Home to Milford College series. It is evident that Huguley Piper did her homework before putting pen to paper. She deals accurately and realistically with the timeframe in which the book is written. I have read all of the books released to date and thoroughly enjoyed Ms Piper’s stories. Bravo!

23rd April 2015 |