Review: The Fall And Rise of Jacoby
Michele Cameron/Amazon Digital
November 2014
Beverly Jackson |  RATING: B+ 
SYNOPSIS: Thrust into a life she wasn’t prepared for, Jacoby struggles to find her way and meets the love of her life, Noah Powers. Noah loves Jacoby from the moment she stumbles into his arms and woos her. But is Jacoby strong enough to break the chains that bind her? Will Noah be able to save Jacoby if she can’t save herself…

Feeling betrayed by family and friend upon learning a long hidden family secret, Jacoby Alexander flees her small hometown for Miami with her chip-on-the-shoulder worldly boyfriend. As the promise of a new life unravels with devastating consequences, the sheltered and naïve Jacoby finds her dreams and self-worth crumbling. The one bright spot in her life is her job at Powers Publics Relations and its owner Noah Powers. Suave and self-assured, Noah hopes his gentle wooing and support proves to Jacoby the seriousness of his loving heart. But only Jacoby can answer the question is she brave enough to be break free from unhealthy relationships and meet the challenges of the man who is perfect for her.

Cameron hits her stride in this intoxicating tale rife with dark secrets, deception, and the trials of love. The characters are vibrantly alive and full of emotional depth; each with their own realistic flaws as timely issues such as bullying, PTSD and revenge are explored. But it will be the author’s exploration of the complexity and binding connections of an abusive relationship which emotionally engages the reader. Jacoby is a character that grew on me as in the beginning her immature hasty and selfish decisions irked me. Her journey in maturing, understanding she is not responsible for the actions of others, and seeing herself as an abused woman is handled in a sensitive and realistic manner. I cheered Jacoby on as she takes steps to overcome her situation.

Noah quickly realizes Jacoby is the woman he wants in his life permanently. As a compassionate hero, he hopes being a friend and mentor is the way to Jacoby’s heart. In this story, Noah definitely plays the role of the good guy to contrast with Jacoby’s first boyfriend. The sizzling sexual chemistry between Noah and Jacoby is too hot to be contained as Noah initiates Jacoby how a man loves his woman with his heart and body awaking her true sensuality.

The story is set in small-town, Bunnell and in Miami. At times the locations were stereotypically portrayed but this does not distract as the story satisfies with a well-paced tangled plot with surprising twists.

THE FALL AND RISE OF JACOBY is an empowering tale of happy endings which will appeal to readers of emotional storyline. With a loving gentle hand and pathos, Cameron conveys the courage it takes to break from an unhealthy relationship. Of course a swoon-worth hero is always a tantalizing incentive.

25th December 2014 |