Review:  Indulge Me Tonight

TAKE ME IN YOUR ARMS - Judy Lynn Hubbard
Harlequin Kimani Romance
October 2014
Shirley Fleming |  RATING: A
SYNOPSIS: Casual comes easy to Angela Brown. Her three-dates-max rule lets her have fun without getting burned again. But now Cameron Stewart is back in her life. The high-flying corporate lawyer is the one man who answers a deep need within her. No woman could resist his hot, sultry, sensual assault -- and Angela doesn't intend to try. She just won't let it go beyond the physical.

In TAKE ME IN YOUR ARMS, Cameron “Cam” Stewart is thoroughly preoccupied with convincing Angela Brown that his playboy days are over and that he is serious about making a love connection.

Judy Lynn Hubbard's latest offerine is the sequel to her novel, THESE ARMS OF MINE.  With only five novels to her credit, Hubbard delivers another engaging and well-developed story line indicative of a seasoned writer.

Cam Stewart is finally ready to cultivate his personal life after building a successful law firm and delivering on his commitment to his best friend’s senatorial campaign. “At thirty-seven, he’d had his fill of dating superficial money-hungry little girls.”  Any number of women is willing to settle down with Cam; however, he only seeks a commitment from an elusive beauty that wants nothing to do with him.

Angela Brown’s plate is full pursuing a career as head nurse at George Washington University Hospital. A string of losers in her past has made her gun-shy when it comes to commitment. She has built a fortress around her fragile heart to protect against further heartbreak. Rather than succumb to Cam’s romantic advances, Angela quickly retreats in the opposite direction to avoid the only man who has made her happier than she has ever been.

Secondary characters include best friends, Derrick and Alesha. Cam and Angela met at their wedding. However, it isn’t until a year later that the time is right for Cam to make his move with Angela. Additional characters impacting the story include Cam and Angela’s respective parents who helped define the strong-willed adults they have become. The novel takes place primarily in Washington, DC with visits to Cam’s massive home in Potomac, Maryland.

TAKE ME IN YOUR ARMS is a love story, pure and simple with just enough passion.  It contains no mystery, intrigue or scary subplot, only a tender story of how one man sets sights on one woman and systematically destroys her defenses and slaughters her past demons as he woos her the way she is worthy.  I find Hubbard’s novels to be predictable, but her flawless delivery and exceptional writing style hold my interest while I anxiously read nonstop to the conclusion. This novel was no exception and is deserving of your consideration.

27th October 2014 |