SYNOPSIS: Dallas reporter Sydney Russell is in desperate need of stress relief. When she and her best friends are invited to spend three weeks in the tropical paradise of St. Mirabelle, it’s just what the doctor ordered. Boasting white-sand beaches and lush rainforests, the beautiful Caribbean island throbs with an unmistakable sensuality…the kind that promises untold pleasures.

Whoa and Wow! Sydney’s three weeks in the Caribbean paradise does not start well. She misses her flight due to a last minute work assignment. She waits (standby) five hours for another flight and her luggage is misdirected. Because she missed her initial flight transportation to the luxury resort, owned by her friend Joelle, has already left and to add to the stress, there are no cabs due to a strike.

Enter Dr. Tristan McCade, tall, broad-shouldered, tan, green eyes, thick dark hair, and white. Not really Sydney’s type of guy. Tristan offers Sydney a ride, which she reluctantly accepts, although she does not accept the ride totally blind. Etienne, an airport worker who helped Sydney, speaks very highly of Tristan. As a matter of fact Tristan saved the life of Etienne’s grandmother. Still Sydney is hopeful she has not accepted a ride from a psycho rapist serial killer recommended by his accomplice, Etienne. Sydney and Tristan jump into Tristan’s black jeep and head to the resort. On the way things heat up quickly between Sydney and Tristan and the lust-mance is off and running.

Sydney does not readily share the blooming relationship between Tristan and herself with her friends. In her own words, when it comes to relationships with guys, she tends to leap before she looks and her friends have to intervene to save her from herself. When the friends find out Tristan is not black, best friend Mia quips, “When it comes to having a romantic island adventure, our frame of reference is How Stella Got Her Groove Back, not Robinson Crusoe.” She further says, “With that being said, I’m a little disappointed that Tristan is white, because that means he doesn’t stand a chance with Sydney.” Still, the lust-mance between Sydney and Tristan is encouraged by her friends because it’s only three weeks and there is no chance of it getting too serious.

STAY WITH ME is chocked full of surprises. Peeks are given into the “underworld” of lustful living through the life and parties of Tristan’s arch enemy and ----, Sylvain Rieu. You will have to read the book to find out the and. Sydney has a judgmental tattling sister, Ellie, and a womanizing brother, Jayson. She has a status and color conscience stepmother and a father who only wants the best for her, in the form of Sydney’s rich former boyfriend, Bryce. Needless to say Sydney is the family outcast.

This story is not just about Sydney and Tristan’s interracial relationship, nor the non-supportive family Sydney has, but it is also about the lure and the lore of St. Mirabelle. The island was settled by a shipwrecked Frenchman, Gaston Rieu, who named it after the beautiful mermaid, Mirabelle. In cliffhanger fashion, can an island boy and a city girl find happiness together? What happens to all the convoluted relationships that are revealed in the story? Surely a future book in the series is going to reveal a mermaid ancestor who is closer to Sydney than she realizes. STAY WITH ME contains lots of sex and raw language. It also touches on the landmines of interracial relationships. Maureen’s books are never for the faint at heart; get ready for a wild ride.

3rd August 2014 |
Review: Lakota Dreaming

STAY WITH ME - Maureen Smith
Wordsmith Enterprises
July 2014
REVIEWER:  Brenda Maxwell |  RATING: B+