Review: Someone Like You
SOMEONE LIKE YOU - Shirley Hailstock
Harlequin Kimani/Romance
September 2014
Ashley Slater |  RATING: B
SYNOPSIS: Wedding consultant Theresa "Teddy" Granville helps her clients plan lavish black-tie ceremonies, though her own love life is strictly casual. Her matchmaking mother's latest candidate, Adam Sullivan, may be sexy but besides being successful, they have little in common. Agreeing to a fake relationship to fool her mother could make both their lives easier. But their unexpected slow-burning kisses and scorching nights are anything but make-believe.

The last thing on Teddy’s mind is settling down. With a successful business to run and an active dating life, who’s got time for romance?  Just because she plans weddings for a living doesn’t mean she is in a hurry to have her own. Adam is living his dream as the owner of a brokerage firm.  Burned by love before, he wants nothing to do with long-term commitments. If only their mothers would stay out of their love lives…

Against their better judgment, Adam and Teddy find themselves on a blind date orchestrated by their mothers. Even though they don’t immediately hit it off, Teddy finds herself a bit intrigued by Adam’s aloof manner and strange sense of humor. They also realize that they do have at least one thing in common: parents who want to rush them down the aisle. In order to thwart their efforts and take control of the situation, they create a “marriage pact.”

SOMEONE LIKE YOU takes place over a few months, but feels like it occurs in a matter of weeks because of the sequence of events that follow. Considering that the two just met on a blind date, their parents’ antics seem rather extreme. This makes the story feel forced at times since it takes a while for the characters’ chemistry to actually develop. Initially Adam is so nonchalant that it is difficult to gauge his emotions until the story progresses.  Still, it is interesting to see how far Adam and Teddy are willing to take their faux relationship.

What makes this story unique is that Teddy and Adam aren’t your typical hero and heroine, so the dialogue is unpredictable and refreshing.  SOMEONE LIKE YOU is a light-hearted story that shows what happens when you mix meddling mothers, intense attraction, and opposite personalities.

8th December 2014 |