Review: Skeletons in The Closet
Michele Cameron/Amazon Digital
September 2014
Beverly Jackson |  RATING: C
SYNOPSIS: Wannabee clothes designer Justice Fairchild is working as a salesgirl in Atlanta when she’s asked to fill in as a model at a show. Justice is then given the chance to strut her stuff on the catwalk in New York. Enroot to the Big Apple, Justice has an encounter with a tall, dark, and handsome stranger, Sterling Hart. But when he vanishes out of her life as suddenly as he’s appeared, Justice is crestfallen. When by chance they meet again, Sterling cannot again walk away from the woman of his dreams.

REVIEW: Fate works in mysterious ways for two strangers during an airplane ride. On her first plane ride, budding model, Justice Fairchild, appreciates her handsome seatmate’s alleviating her nervousness and is intrigued by the tingling feeling evoked every time she stares into his eyes. Debonair Sterling Hart has several personal decisions weighing on mind but his brief encounter with Justice leaves him wanting to live life more fully. Despite the attraction to each other no contact information is exchanged. But fate has other plans or maybe not as finding each other again leads to lust and desire overruling their heads until an unspoken issue rears its ugly head. Can trust between the couple be regained or is this pattern that will shatter their relationship?

By chance, Justice is thrust into the modeling world when a last minute replacement is needed for a fashion show. Financially strapped, Justice cannot pass this opportunity up despite misgivings by her family. Learning to take advantage of opportunities and channeling them into personal goals will challenge Justice as she tries to avoid unsavory characters, and business exploitation. Justice definitely has a New Adult heroine vibe which did not work well for me. Her despair and naivety seems too contrived and convenient for me to feel empathy for her but others may enjoy her journey to come into her own.

Sterling Hart finds himself between a rock and a hard place when his plans to move past an irreconcilable marriage are waylaid. Good-hearted Sterling is blinded by the selfish manipulations of orders as they take advantage of his fair-heartedness. It will take an unexpected circumstance for Sterling to see the truth and fight fire with fire to achieve his goal to live life to its fullest.

While Cameron excels at certain aspects of the novel, in other ways she falls short. Good pacing and multiple storylines worked for me. Unfortunately, predictable storyline(s), one-dimensional characters, and too many plot coincidences did not work for me.

SKELETONS IN THE CLOSET is an easy readable slightly clichéd story but readers will be rooting for the hero and heroine to get together and make it work.

18th January 2015 |