Review: Sinful Paradise

SINFUL PARADISE - Ann Christopher
Harlequin Kimani/Romance
April 2014
Beverly Jackson |  RATING: A 
SYNOPSIS: Cooper Davies doesn't need to look for his ideal mate. He's already found her. Gloria Adams is everything he wants in a woman, except she's taken. But Cooper-adopted brother of Marcus Davies and co-owner of a prestigious New York auction house-knows something truly precious when he sees it. And he's waited long enough to finally win the smart, sexy woman who's been haunting his dreams.

REVIEW: Gorgeous millionaire Cooper Davies knows exactly what he wants, and it is the sexy and smart, Dr. Gloria Adams. He cannot explain why she occupies his every waking thought when the only contact he has had with her is a brief hello a couple of weeks ago. But an opportunity has him playing a white knight in shining armor role when he sees her home as too much to drink and disappointing news have her crying. Battling his raging hormones becomes just a tad bit harder when Gloria offers herself to him. Promising her that he will definitely take her up on that offer at a later date, Cooper is resolved to be protective and the friend that she needs tonight.

Accomplished and talented, thirty-eight year old Gloria is good at beating up on herself especially when she knows better. As Gloria and Cooper get to know one another it is obvious to them and others that their chemistry is explosive and neither of them are happier than when they are in each other’s lives. Based on past experiences Gloria has a sinking feeling this relationship is temporary, so she constantly challenges Cooper at every junction. Patience is not Cooper’s strong suit, but he understands Gloria is wounded and vulnerable. When Gloria’s past rears its ugly head and presents the challenge Gloria most fears, will Gloria be able to overcome this apprehension before Cooper’s patience runs out?

Christopher has once again delivers a passionate compelling tale that pulls at reader’s heart strings. I enjoyed how the author goes inside the couple’s complicated psyches making the relationship journey so more much more intense. Gloria’s past relationships has her feeling like a victim believing that happiness is just fleeting. She keeps making the same mistakes in her personal relationships and is so scared when attracted to Cooper that she works hard on setting up barriers so he can leave her like others have. Gloria’s journey to understanding that letting go of past actions will allow her to open her heart to the right man is realistically portrayed, and I found myself shouting at her several times when she self-sabotaged the relationship.

Cooper also has a past that sometimes haunts him, but his upbringing involved a lot of love, support, and acceptance which helps to form his present outlook on life. While the self-confident Cooper is ever attentive, supportive, and caring in his actions with Gloria, their merry-go-round relationship has him running out of options to prove his love and trustworthiness. This endearing couple held my emotions in sway as I rooted for them to find their happily-ever-after.

Tantalizing dialogue and palatable sexual attraction create sexual tension that makes having a fan handy necessary to cool down the pages.  The exhilarating Manhattan is a perfect backdrop for the lively relationship between the couple while the serenely romantic Bora Bora is the perfect background for the couple to explore their hearts and souls. I enjoyed how Polynesian customs are integrated into the couple’s commitment to each other.

SINFUL PARADISE is the fourth and final book in the Davies Legacy series. While I thoroughly enjoyed all the books in this breathtaking series, I will admit SINFUL PARADISE is my favorite book. I recommend this book (and the series) for fans of gritty emotional yet highly romantic love stories.

7th July 2014 |