Review: Sinergy
SINERGY - Iris Bolling
Siri Enterprises
October 2014
Susan Plummer |  RATING: A
SYNOPSIS: Xavier Davenport creates homes and communities for underprivileged families. His goal was clear. Make his brother proud by reaching out to help others. Women were for fun, period. That was until he witness the passion of his brothers’ marriage. Xavier wanted the same for himself. His first step into a serious relationship turn out bad with a capital B. The woman, was beautiful, smart and sexy. The sex was good…but…there was no passion.

REVIEW: Real Estate Investor, Nicole Brooks only agreed to attend a male auction to support the charity benefiting from the proceeds. She never anticipated meeting someone interesting and certainly not the man who would capture her heart in an instant. Real Estate Developer, Xavier Davenport cannot believe he allowed himself to be convinced into being auctioned off but he acquiesces because it is for a good cause.  Imagine his surprise to discover the woman who wins the bid for him steals his heart with one look. The rest should be easy for Nicole and Xavier, however, it is anything but. The scandal that ensues from their encounter is enough to destroy their new love. Adding to their troubles are Xavier’s ex who refuses to let go and a formidable enemy who wants to destroy the Brooks family and anyone who gets in his way. The game soon turns deadly and they are no longer eluding the media but also a dangerous enemy who doesn’t believe in happily-ever after for any Brooks.

Nicole Brooks is born into wealth yet she doesn’t act entitled and is in fact very down-to-earth and likeable. Xavier Davenport is the strong, silent type with a little bit of bad and a whole lot more good to his personality. Nicole and Xavier live in different states but with money and means, this is not a problem for their fledgling relationship.

Dialogue is creative throughout the novel and while there are multiple characters, the story is cohesive and transitions between each character effortlessly. Nicole and Xavier freely express their most inner thoughts. It is both a shocking and refreshing approach as more commonly, characters suppress how they feel until eventually the other party figures it out.

Sinergy is a riveting tale of intrigue, suspense, scandal, and passion woven into a modern Manhattan romance. The story hooks you from the first shocking scene and keeps you enthralled to the jaw dropping end.

The title Sinergy, or “sinful energy” is coined by Xavier to explain the emotion that cursed through their bodies on first contact. sinergy is a full-bodied story encompassing several current concerns such as learning disabilities and bullying. The story illustrates that bullying can happen at any age and wealth does not shield someone from being bullied.

Sinergy is a must read with a superbly entertaining plot. The plot development keeps the story interesting and the characters are colorful and realistic.  There is only one drawback to reading sinergy.  Once you start you can’t put it down, so make sure to make a date with sinergy.

1st January 2015 |