Review: Shifter's Claim

St. Martin's Press
August 2014
Misherald Brown |  RATING: A 
SYNOPSIS: Rich, handsome, and successful-hotel magnate Sebastian "Bas" Perry could have any woman he desires. But despite his animal attraction to women, he avoids relationships at all costs. As a Shadow Shifter, he must defend innocent humans from the deadliest of his kind. And the most dangerous game of all is falling in love…

Passion vs. Obligations

SHIFTER’S CLAIM is the fourth book of The Shadow Shifters series by A.C. Arthur. This time around the Shadow who’s about to meet his match vowed almost twenty years before to never fall for anyone after seeing the two people he loves the most throw love away and watching a female die because she believed herself to be in love with him. Now he must conquer his biggest fear.

Priya Drake is a reporter and right now she has to write the biggest story of her life; not so much for a byline, but more or less to save a life dear to her. Between the mysterious messages being sent to her and Sebastian “Bas” Perry standing between her and the one person who may be able to provide her the information she needs to get the story done by deadline she’s at the end of her wits. She soon finds herself in a situation that not only puts her life endanger but also puts her heart on the line. Priya finds herself going against everything that Bas has warned her about and ends up in the middle of something bigger than she came looking for.

Sebastian “Bas” Perry is a multimillionaire dollar resort owner and one of the Leaders of the Shadow Shifters that reside in the States. Bas believes in protecting his species and never putting the risk of exposure on the table.  However, when he meets Priya he becomes conflicted and soon finds himself in a situation that constantly has him on edge on where his loyalties are concerned; between wanting to protect Priya from everyone -even his boss- to simply fighting what he knows will lead to them being connected forever. Bas soon finds himself going against everything he’s been taught and putting his trust into a woman who can be the demise of them all or the one to restore his faith in love.

The story itself is an exciting yet seductive piece that is full of sex, tension, mystery, and simply passion. While the book alone can be read by itself, I’d suggest starting with the first three books to get a good understanding of the characters and their positions as well as the storylines and some of the words that are used. A.C. has simply outdone herself again and has set the stage for, HUNGER’S MATE, the next book in The Shadow Shifters series due out in early 2015.

1st August 2014 |