Review: Serve
SERVE - Angie Daniels
Carmel Kisses Ink
November 2014
Janet Caldwell |  RATING: A
SYNOPSIS: When Peyton Powell, a lonely housewife, lands a job at Independent Woman magazine, an erotic door opens that begins with curiosity and ends with a sexy, dominant stranger who has every intention of showing her the meaning of service before self. Sir ignites a fire that's nearly too hot and painful to handle yet pleasure has never felt so good.

In SERVE, book two of Angie Daniel’s SEDUCED INTO SUBMISSION SERIES, Peyton Powell’s erotic adventure, which began in book one, CURIOUS, continues.  Formerly a stay at home mother, Peyton now works as a magazine columnist writing about things that spur a woman’s curiosity. Her own curiosity is awakened since joining the Horny Housewives Club (HHC), as she explores a whole new world outside her dull marriage.

Peyton’s scandalous initiation into HHC leads to a submissive relationship with an unknown partner, who later reveals himself as millionaire Creed Kirkland, the mysterious owner of Independent Woman - Peyton’s magazine employer Peyton is in a quandary because she enjoys the new adventures this relationship affords, but the guilt of infidelity is consuming her.

At six feet plus, Creed is “the epitome of sexy”. He possesses shoulder-length hair, a chiseled body, olive-toned face and piercing gray eyes. Creed observes her on her first day at work and becomes intrigued by the meek columnist who uses her creative writing skills to tackle risqué topics for the magazine.

Creed introduces her to a sexually daring relationship unlike any she has ever known. Peyton is the ideal candidate for this type of relationship because she is starving for trust and intimacy - the requirements for a meaningful relationship. Experimenting outside her comfort zone gives Peyton a newfound confidence level and a desire to enhance her appearance which elicits her husband’s attention, but does nothing to diminish his cheating.

Secondary characters impacting the story include Peyton’s philandering husband, Raymond; his Aunt Ruth, the perpetual babysitter; and Peyton’s twin daughters, Morgan and Michelle.

SERVE explores the complexities of a submissive relationship and the moral consequences of infidelity. Their sexually taboo tryst segues into an empowering relationship for Peyton. Creeds loosens control as his feelings for Peyton deepen, however, the matter of her marriage and children loom in the background. Once again Angie Daniels takes the reader on an erotic literary adventure that only she can expertly finesse. SERVE is not for the faint at heart.   It is an erotic novella that delivers explicit encounters between Peyton and Creed, as well as graphic language.  If you enjoyed book one of the series, you will be pleased with this installment. The surprise ending suggests book three will be just as captivating.  For fans of erotic genre, I recommend this alluring tale.

13th December 2014 |