Review: Seducing The Wolf

Wordsmith Enterprises
February 2014

Janet Caldwell |  RATING: A 
SYNOPSIS: As Manning Wolf knows all too well, you never forget your first crush. Years ago he lost his heart to sweet, brainy Taylor Chastain. When a devastating tragedy forced them apart, Manning went on to become the powerful CEO of a biotechnology company. He’s got the world at his feet and can have any woman he wants…except the one he loved and lost.

REVIEW: Readers, I have two words for you - MANNING WOLF.  Maureen Smith’s much anticipated addition to the Wolf Pack Series, SEDUCING THE WOLF, is finally here and … Manning Wolf makes it  worth the wait!  

Smith delivers another compelling story of the Wolf family.  This installment shares the touching and sweet, but complicated story of Manning Wolf and Taylor Chastain.  Smith skillfully and tastefully tackles a topic as relevant today as it was 400 years ago in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet - the issue of teen love and the refusal of adults to recognize the power of that bond and the devastating consequences of losing that love.

As if predestined, Manning and Taylor accidently collide in an Atlanta coffee shop after a twenty year separation.  The heat of that fleeting touch is a precursor to the level of fiery passion this couple is capable of creating. Since parting, the couple has clandestinely masked the pain of their separation by excelling in their respective careers and indulging in meaningless affairs rather than facing the issues causing the heartbreaking end of their relationship.

Manning Wolf is a complex multi-faceted alpha male.  He is a wealthy, intelligent geek, who enjoys the trophies of his success.  Conversely, he is a quick tempered, tattooed womanizer who is just a little bit “hood.”  Manning turned his love of everything scientific into Wolf Biotech, a successful biotechnology firm based in Atlanta.  As CEO, Manning works hard and plays hard. 

Manning refers to Taylor as the one who got away.  A late bloomer, Taylor is a gifted world renowned violinist, but very modest and down to earth.  At times, she is responsible, reliable and virtuous and other times she is uninhibited, wild and tempestuous.  She lives in Paris partly to practice her craft, but mostly to put distance between her and those painful memories.

SEDUCING THE WOLF is set mostly in Atlanta with one very steamy trip to Paris.  Secondary characters impacting the story include Manning and Taylor’s respective brothers, parents and friends with benefits Caitlyn and Aidan.  The main plot is heart-warming and relevant.  However, the supporting side story adds enough betrayal, deception and agony for several novels.

This is the type of novel you will want to read on vacation, while snowed in or in any other situation where you can plow through this uninterrupted.  Smith’s captivating dialogue grips you by the heart and draws you into the story allowing you to feel the raw anguish and grief that fuels our young couple’s separation.

Fans confused by the sequencing of events in this novel should be aware that this is a prequel to Recipe for Temptation and tempt me at midnight.  The author explains her tactic by stating, “The reason I did this is because I didn't want to keep Manning and Taylor apart any longer than I already had.”  Ms. Smith, you get a pass, the reunion was worth the wait.

SEDUCING THE WOLF will more than satisfy the hearty appetite of hungry Wolf fans and will certainly recruit new Wolfettes to the pack.

9th June 2014 |