Review:  Seduced by the Heir

Harlequin Kimani Romance
September 2014
Jennifer Brathwaite |  RATING: B
SYNOPSIS: International business mogul Rafael Morretti has his pick of the world's most desirable women. But the all-work, no-play bachelor can't forget the one who got away. Fifteen years ago, Paris St. Clair was his college sweetheart. Now a destination wedding in Venice has reunited him with the vivacious beauty. And he will stop at nothing to win her back.

REVIEW: What is meant to be will be - there is no distance too far or time too long to destroy true love.

Rafael Morretti and Paris St. Clair were university sweethearts. Although their relationship did not last long it was profound while it existed, and they never forgot one another. Now, fifteen years later and on another continent, they meet again at the party of mutual friends who are having a celebration in anticipation of their upcoming wedding. Both are shaken by the encounter and the deep feelings they shared are quickly reignited.  Where Rafael is ready and willing to see where things go, as well as to get answers as to why Paris dumped him so callously long ago, she is afraid to step out of her comfort zone and follow her heart. Despite her initial misgivings, between Rafael’s persistence and her own feelings, Paris gives into their innate connection. Through remembered times and new memories love blooms again. As in the past their romance has its challenges, both small and large, but eventually their bond proves stronger than the obstacles and the heartbreaking university love story gets a happily ever after ending.

The strongest aspect of
SEDUCED BY THE HEIR is the characters. The closeness between Rafael and his brothers is genuine and thoroughly enjoyable.  The way Paris and Rafael relate to and make each other laugh, is a testament to their relationship and shows its progression. As their comfort with one another increases, so does the camaraderie between them and their love.  This is all built on a foundation of passion that is palpable, making their union a pleasure to read on all counts.

There are several locations in the book but they aren’t used to their potential. They don’t drive the story, give depth to or strengthen characters, or even just enhance the romance of any given moment.  The one definite, exception would be Rafael’s brother house. It is well articulated what being there means to Rafael and what it represents for his and Paris’s relationship.

Another facet of the novel that could be improved upon is the pacing. At the beginning of the book, in Italy, the text flows well. As the story progresses however it starts to feel a little disjointed, especially with regard to how quickly some characters change their opinions on different issues.

SEDUCED BY THE HEIR is very good in the moments between Paris and Rafael but outside of their union the story feels somewhat predictable and most of the other story lines, inconsequential. This is the third book in a trilogy and an over-arching story from the previous two books is concluded.  Unfortunately that plot is handled too tidily at the very end of the text and as a result is not a fulfilling resolution. Despite these facts, SEDUCED BY THE HEIR is pleasant, and if one is a fan of Ms. Yaye’s and has already read the other books in the series, then I would say the novel is a buy.

27th October 2014 |