Review: Seduced by the CEO

Harlequin Kimani/Romance
August 2014
Jennifer Brathwaite |  RATING: B 
SYNOPSIS: All the exquisite things that money can buy are at world-famous restaurateur Nicco Morretti's fingertips. But he knows he's met his match when he encounters a feisty young woman whose alluring smile turns his world upside down. Jariah Brooks is unlike any woman who's ever tempted him before. She's a spirited single mother and his new employee, but he's craving to get to know her on a personal level-despite the risks.

You can’t tell your heart who to love and you can’t fight it once it has found its mate.

In SEDUCED BY THE CEO, Nicco Morretti is a millionaire playboy with a well-earned reputation. Jariah Brooks is a single mother struggling to keep her head above water as she looks for a full-time job to support herself and her young daughter Ava. When they first encounter one another it’s explosive chemistry at first sight, but Jariah doesn’t do smooth-talking playboys and Nicco’s type isn’t single mothers with man drama. Despite both of their convictions, however, fate takes over from chance when Jariah applies for a job at Nicco’s company and a relationship ensues.  The road to happily-ever-after is fraught with obstacles, and the couple’s love is tested by exes that want to be current affairs, judgemental family members and Jariah’s own fears about her choices.  Through it all the feelings between the two leads remain constant and serve as the launching pad that allows them to overcome all hurdles.

There are a number of locations in the book that help give shape to the characters.  The best examples relate to Nicco.  His wealth and success are evident in every locale; from his office and home, to the luxury of Dolce Vita, to the sophistication of every restaurant to which he takes Jariah.

The conversations between Jariah and Nicco and their lapses into Italian are charming and romantic in equal measure.  Further, Jariah’s internal dialogue - most specifically her debate over whether she is doing the right thing for her daughter and if she is a good mother - read as sincere and true.  They are a respectful and fitting testament to a few of the challenges of single motherhood.

There are a number of characters in SEDUCED BY THE CEO, (read: ‘far too many’). Although their purpose is undoubtedly to show the different realities and challenges the main characters are facing, with the exception of Ava if any of the secondary or tertiary characters were removed from the text it wouldn’t affect the story in any way, which makes them unnecessary filler.

There are two big frustrations in the book.  The first is the lack of action on the part of the leads when interacting with other people.  This is especially true of Jariah. From her horrible ex Wesley, to his evil mother, to the officious and condescending HR director at Morretti Inc, to one of Nicco’s ex-girlfriends, almost without exception, whenever anyone denigrates or talks down to Jariah, their actions are met either with tears and/or by her physically running away.  Nicco is much the same way when it comes to interacting with his parents.
The second frustration is the one hundred and eighty degree about faces that take place both within the novel and at its end.  The change in attitude of Nicco’s parents about his and Jariah’s relationship is much too fast and not realistic.  Together, these factors weaken SEDUCED BY THE CEO but all in all this is a nice story with a sensuous and passionate romance that blooms genuinely between the main characters.  If you are a fan of Pamela Yaye and the Morretti Millionaires series then I would say it is a sure buy.

8th September 2014 |