Review: Safe in My Arrms

SAFE IN MY ARMS - Janice Sims
Harlequin Kimani/Romance
May 2014
Janet Caldwell |  RATING: A 
SYNOPSIS: Former army pilot Mina Gaines isn't looking for a hero. She's too busy running her grandfather's remote mountainside hotel to bother with love. That is, until a private plane crashes and brings danger to her doorstep…and a sexy stranger into her life. There's no mistaking that a serious threat is near, but when faced with no other way to survive, can she trust that there's more to Jake?

REVIEW:  Readers were introduced to the headstrong Gaines sisters, Lauren, Desiree, Petra, Amina (Mina) and Meghan in THIS WINTER NIGHT, Sims’ first book in this adventure-filled series devoted to the sisters.  The first installment is the story of the oldest sister, Lauren, and her husband, Colton. SAFE IN MY ARMS is the second book in the series and shares the story of Mina Gaines and Jake Wolf.  Mina is lonely, but does not realize how lonely she is until DEA agent Jason “Jake” Wolf drops from the sky.

Mina is the tomboy sister.  She risked her life daily air-lifting soldiers to safety as a former army helicopter pilot in Afghanistan, but when the man she loves is killed in action, she ditches plans of a military career realizing her heart is no longer in it.  Sensing she needs a diversion, her grandfather asks her to help him run his wilderness lodge in the Great Smoky Mountains.  Life is uneventful and her daily routine involves catering to the needs of their guests.

Jake is a DEA agent working undercover.  Stationed in Atlanta, Jake is a widower who devotes his life to capturing the bad guys.  Since the passing of his wife, Jake’s job is his life and involves going from one tough assignment to another.  When he first lays eyes on Mina, Jake thinks “she [has] the face of an angel, a black angel with golden-brown skin”.  He is so awe-struck that he momentarily forgets he’s been in a plane crash.

With the exception of excursions to Atlanta, SAFE IN MY ARMS is primarily set in rural Cherokee, North Carolina, where Amina lives with her spry Grampa, Benjamin Beck.  Other characters impacting the story include Jake’s brother, Mina’s inquisitive, but endearing sisters, her father and overbearing mother.
I enjoy Sims’ writing style.  Unlike her first book in this series, which I felt was rushed; I like the pacing of SAFE IN MY ARMS.  Mina’s transformation from an introverted loner to a woman accepting of her need to move on and enjoy life was quicker than I expected, but I liked Mina and Jake as a couple.  The pairing was excellent and important in her transformation.  Sims states, they are “kindred souls”.  I look forward to future Gaines sister stories.  With three more to go, Sims will be entertaining readers for some time.

22nd June 2014 |